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28 October 2014

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Sculpture on Lincoln Drill Hall

The new sculpture is hoisted into place

There's a new face in town!

This is the giant face which is turning heads in the centre of Lincoln. The sculpture, the work of artist Rick Kirkby, has been placed on the large end wall of the Drill Hall in the city.

It takes the form of a large metal face, welded together from small strips of stainless steel which will look out towards the main entrance of the venue.

"We are very excited about the arrival of the face. We know it will divide opinion, as public art always does, but we think it will look absolutely stunning and quickly become an icon for the city," said Simon Hollingworth, the manager of the Drill Hall.

But what do you think?

last updated: 20/05/2008 at 18:20
created: 18/04/2007

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Rick Kirkby
Do you like it? is his name Rick Kirby or Kirkby?? if it's Kirkby then he is one letter off having a great last name :) lol

Tina Finney
I think we are really lucky having Rick Kirby's 'face sculpture' in Lincoln.It looks great on the Drill Hall wall. My first sight of it was a reflection in the windows exciting. I love the way his sculptures change with varying degrees of colour due to rusting.

I really like the look of it and think it provokes opinion, which is always a good thing. I would like to see more art in the city and hear less negativity about such projects.

Tony robinson
Very eye catching nice to see such art work on displayin Lincoln.

Very impressive

John Bycroft
Why does it have to look so miserable?If it had a smile on its face it would have made us all feel happier.

ooh eck!

Alan Robinson
Look's better on your web page photograph, than for real. With narrow stainless steel metal strips taken out, almost at random. All over the face, as if by vandals. A more morbid face i have yet to see? If that were the type of entertainment the Drill Hall plans putting on fine? To be honest the Art College in Lincoln, should have been given the task. As i am certain they have better imagination, than the designer of that face has, artist Rick Kirkby? At a fraction of the cost.

I still think the model was RobCop

Julia Housham
The face is great. Public art should carry on being acknowledged and promoted

I think its awfull, looks really miserable and mardy, why couldnt it of been a cheerfull face?

I lyke your face!

Les Woods of Lincoln
If I said I didn't like it, would they take it down!It does look impressive in the photo. What will visitors to Lincoln find inside the building?

Wendy Parker
I was actually at the Drill Hall when the Face was being installed, and after reading the article in the Lincolnshire Echo had made up my mind that I would find it too modern and not right for it's resting place. But, I was most impressed with it, found it inspirational, and a credit to it's designer Rick Kirby. Incidently I was there as a part of a Writers Group who meet every Wednesday at the Drill Hall, and we have all written a poem in honour of the Face, and sent our opinion of this creation to Karen Parsons Book Editor of L.E. It is easy to be judgemental of anything new, but modern art should be given it's chance to flourish in my opinion. WENDY PARKER, LINCOLN

Ben Marston
Yeah i think it looks great. Give something new to Lincoln

It looks absolutely fab. I made a special trip to have a look at it today going up and I love it. Although the elderly couple next to me said it looked lke Richard O'Brian!

You are in: Lincolnshire > Places > Places features > There's a new face in town!

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