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24 September 2014

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Westholme House

Westholme House

The Haunting of Westholme House

Have you ever experienced things that go bump in the night? Do you believe the unexplained should remain unexplained? Follow the film crew as they spend the night in a haunted house.

Westholme House is an imposing 1840s Gothic house in the heart of Sleaford, Lincolnshire. It lies in the grounds of St Georges School of Technology and as you approach from the roadside the old house dominates the landscape. It's so spooky you can easily imagine a bolt of lightning in the sky with the distant sounds of wolfs howling!

The film crew did what all good film crews should do when investigating the paranormal, and with the help of local spiritualist medium, who only goes by her first name of Jenny, went to feel the vibrations in the low-lit corridors for themselves.

Ghostly spirits

Local people fearing their house is haunted turn to the Rev. John Patrick in the town.  He talks about the unusual happenings that he has heard about in Sleaford and where you can go to get your home exorcised!

The results from the overnight stay are truly unusual and following the making of this production every member of the film crew had the feeling that something or someone occupies the house when all others have left for the night!

To see the film and come to your own conclusion please follow the link below.

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Have Your Say

Have you ever experienced the paranormal? Do you have any stories about Westholme House?

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Natalie Gabrielle
I was actualy okay there until my second night i mean donnot get me wrong it seemed eerie but not until my second night was i frightened. I heard whispers in the room I was in and the covers on the bed went missing. After I ran outside because of the voices I threw up. It was an astounding night for me and my crew.

i have felt very cold when i have entered the building and i often wonder whether someone is watching me

I am actually a student and we go to westholme house and somtimes the door locks its self!

Lisa Short
i have experined many things in westholme house, when i was in a room in childcare i could here people walking up and down and people laughing

amy podesta
i have experinced cold breezes on my right side of my body mostly in that house. I have herd chairs moving in one room when know one was in that room when i checked the room out.

i have heard loads of rumors about west holme house it sounds really exciting.

Mr. Bamford one of our teachers takes Year 8 for a tour around Westholme evry Halloween, whilst Year 10 have a Halloween sleep over in Westholme HouseYear 7 student at St. Georges C OF t

Natasha Miller
Ive had multiple expeiriences with the paranormal, the ones i can rmemeber most is when i was younger a man called Marcus Brown would talk to me in my room. i looked him up on the internet and it came up with his name, date of birth and date of death....even scarier, he is related to my grandma!

ceri and kc
we was doin an intake in sixth form and we had to stay the nite at westholme house and saw loads of shadows in corners.when we woke up there was a note on the floor sayin leave me alone i want to rest!!!!

I was doing an intake evening too and i saw a ghost in a tree, every time me and my friend went neer the tree we could not breath properly. It was well scary!!!

i was doing a intake evening for the year 6s and i saw loads of ghosts.i go to st georges school just outside westholme

When i was in the sixth form we were based in Westholme House, story was that a boy had hanged himself upstairs, there was still an old hook in the wall. It was all a bit spooky. We did a ouiji board and contacted a young boy, we all got spooked and left the room, when we came back in the glass had smashed, it scared me for weeks, what stupid things you do when you are a teenager...never again!

it well scary and dirty

george allbrook
this was scary i relly was worried about evrything in there and belive it or not i would do it again if you want to find out more theres nothing better than a visit.

Tom from sleaford
i live in sleaford and i go to the school which westholme house is situated in. there used to be a farm there in st.georges feild and they teached the people how to farm so it then became a school , it eventuly came into a bigger school in other subjects and came what it is now

Simon from Sleaford
I live in Sleaford and I believe that it is a highly spirit-filled little town. I've often walked past Westholme House with my dog and wondered about its history. I want to find out more now!

You are in: Lincolnshire > Places > Places features > The Haunting of Westholme House

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