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24 September 2014

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Lincs Paranormal Research Team.
Lincs Paranormal Research Team

Haunting Lincoln Castle

By Paul Sims
29th October - Just two days before Halloween. A good time for a ghostly investigation… at Lincoln Castle… and whilst you're at it - why not have 60 members of the public join you!!!

This was the idea of the Lincs Paranormal Research Team who along with Lincoln Castle gave people the chance to find out all about ghost finding and paranormal research.

6:38 PM

video Play video of the investigation (2'19") >
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People have started to arrive. I must admit 60 people is an awful lot, but I know the Lincs PRT have put some careful planning into this with Lincoln Castle. The idea is to show what paranormal research is all about.

6.59 PM

With everyone here the first part of the evening is taken up with a talk by Chris Collins, a regular Lincoln Castle Guide who along with his wife Sheila (also helping out for the evening) are from the Friends Of Lincoln Castle. As Garry Ross from the Lincs PRT mentioned to me about Chris, "What he doesn't know about the place isn't worth knowing!".

Inside the Victorian Prison at Lincoln Castle.
Inside the Victorian Prison at Lincoln C

After Chris and Sheila have given us a history talk about Lincoln Castle including the story of William Clarke's dog (more on this later), and a rather spooky tale about a mist on a photograph that appeared in one of the cubicles in the segregated chapel in the grounds, Garry Ross and Sarah Greenway from the Lincs PRT show us some of the equipment they use for investigations.

7.45 PM

We all spilt into groups. I head with Garry and Michael O'Donnell and their group to Cobb Hall. We spend time in the main part of the building as Michael feels for energies. He picks a small amount up but as he explains, with this amount of people he is picking up a lot of different energies.

audio Michael O'Donnell explains about energies >
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After spending a short amount of time on top of Cobb Hall (where the gallows stood) we return down the stairs. A noise is heard in the dungeons and Garry goes down the ladder to investigate. He can't find anything but our group are sure they heard something there.

8.30 PM

Our time up at this location - we now move to the small mortuary attached to the Victorian Prison.

(Whilst we are at this location another group is in Cobb Hall - apparently things started to happen to them once we had left Garry finds out via his radio).

8.45 PM

Garry calls out in the dark for anything to show itself. A sound panics people and they claim to have heard a strange noise. I investigate with Garry. It could have been the spirits trying to contact us, but we find a more mundane explanation (maybe). It seems as though water is dripping onto some metal cylinders creating a strange sound.

8.51 PM

Still in the mortuary people start to feel unnaturally cold and feel strange. No explanations can be found although we spend the next few minutes trying to find something.

9.04 PM

We spend time in the Women's Prison (which is now open to the public if you are visiting Lincoln Castle). A noise is heard in the condemned cell although nothing conclusive is found.

9.22 PM

Lincoln Castle Guide Chris Collins shows me William Clarke's stuffed lurcher. A very eirie thing to see looming out of the darkness as the flashlight pans around the room it is currently kept in.

William Clarke's dog.
William Clarke's dog

William Clarke was a poacher who murdered a Game Keeper. He was caught and sentenced to death. He had a lurcher dog which was kept at The Strugglers Pub whilst William Clarke was awaiting his execution. The dog would regularly come over to wait at Lincoln Castle until after Clarke was executed the dog pined away. The ghost of the lurcher can still be seen late at night in the castle grounds.

9.38 PM

We head to the Segregation Chapel. A place of worship where the prisoners were all segregated and could not even see each other. We spend much time just listening and watching as Garry runs some tests with the equipment.

On the ceiling a light is seen (unfortunately I didn't see it). A kind of white square it is described as by those that see it - about half of the group. No explanation is found unless it was the reflection of fireworks going off outside - although people do not think it would have looked like that if it had been a reflection.

10.03 PM

All the groups join together for a mass vigil in the male wing of the prison (usually closed to members of the public).

We find out that the group who visited the mortuary after us were 'attacked' by a scaffolding pole with one man receiving a nasty cut. We do not see any of this but it seems as though when looked into there was no physical way the pole could have fallen this way!

Sarah Greenway checks if any of the trigger objects have been moved. It seems as though probably not, but she explains they have trigger camera's in other areas of the building that may pick up something paranormal (this footage is still being looked at by the Lincs PRT who will pass on anything interesting if they find it).

10.30 PM

Small groups go into the cells and hold a watch there. Minor things happen such as one man feeling something touch his face, but nothing more is found.

Before leaving a draw is held for four people to come on a full overnight investigation with the team.

One of the last jobs is to go to the Transportation Cells  to retrieve a camera that has been set up to record in the darkness.

These cells were double locked and no-one went near the place as the key was in the front office of the castle all night until we went in and got the camera before leaving.

video Play video clip on the Transportation Cells >
Audio and Video links on this page require Realplayer

Garry has been in touch and sent us this clip of sounds found on the footage. He has told us these are not from a paranormal source, but were the result of a heavy table being moved in the building above.

Watching the footage you will see how easy it is to think you have found some paranormal activity.

11.00 PM

We leave Lincoln Castle. Garry, Jeff, Michael, Yvonne, Sarah and Clare from the Lincs Paranormal Research Team thank everyone for coming.

It all seems at be a success - and remember if more footage is found on the Lincs PRT cameras we'll share it with you.

last updated: 24/01/06
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