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24 September 2014

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You are in: Lincolnshire > History > Memoryshare > Lincolnshire's Da Vinci Code

Tom Hanks stars in the Da Vinci Code

Tom Hanks stars in the Da Vinci Code

Lincolnshire's Da Vinci Code

The blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks, part filmed in Lincolnshire has opened. Lincoln Cathedral is one of the main locations for the filming of the controversial international best-selling book 'The Da Vinci Code' along with Burghley House.

Oscar-winner Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon, who is trying to solve the murder of a member of an ancient society that has protected dark secrets for centuries. The tale mixes art history with mythology and symbols with medieval history.

'The Da Vinci Code' book, by Dan Brown caused a storm of controversy over its questioning of many of the key beliefs of Christianity. The Vatican even appointed an archbishop to debunk Brown's claims as the book became a global phenomenon, with sales of 20 million.

Tom Hanks leaving his Lincoln hotel

Tom on his way to filming in Lincoln

Part of the filming of this epic book was filmed at Lincoln Cathedral which was used as a double for Westminster Abbey in London. Officials from the Abbey refused to allow filming to take place inside, claiming that the book is "theologically unsound".

The film has been directed by Oscar winning director Ron Howard. On the attention the cast have received in Lincoln, the director said: "It's a fascinating story and it's not all that common that movies roll into town, so it's not that unusual to generate a little attention."

Regarding filming in Lincoln itself, the director continued: "It's beautiful, absolutely gorgeous and friendly."

Some of the cast and their characters:

  • Tom Hanks - Robert Langdon.
  • Audrey Tautou - Sophie Neveu.
  • Ian McKellen - Sir Leigh Teabing.
  • Alfred Molina - Bishop Aringarosa.
  • Jean Reno - Bezu Fache.
  • Paul Bettany - Silas.

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Have Your Say

Were you an extra on the Da Vinci Code? Tell us what it was like! Do you have memories of when Hollywood came to Lincolnshire?

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I was born in lincoln and lived there for 23 years until i moved to Northern Ireland last year, it's great for Lincoln for it to be filmed there. It's another chapter in Lincoln's great history. How many times does a famous film star like Tom Hanks comes to a place like Lincoln. Just let Hilde from norway lincoln is a city!!

Ethan Parker - Lincoln
I think its great for Lincoln, and for the Bailgate, we took the Lincoln Da Vinci Code Pub Tour & Taste this week and it was fantastic, a really enjoyable night. We wouldn't have taken the tour if it wasn't for the Da Vinci links and it was great to see the places where the stars ate and drank while filming in Lincoln and we ending with a beer tasting and Tastes Of Lincolnshire produce tasting at The Beer Cellar in the bailgate. I can recommend the tour to anyone visiting Lincoln, you will have a great night, the tour guide was funny and knew everything about the history of pubs in Lincoln but the real plus was drinking the Da Vinci beers at The Beer Cellar. The tour details are on their website and I think there is a film clip of the tour at the top of this page as thats where we saw it first, so take the tour, its great. And I think the Da Vinci code is a real positive thing for Lincoln, really puts us on the map.

Alan Ritson - The Old Bakery Restaurant
' The Da Vinci Code Book ' - Signed by the cast and crew. This truly is a 'money can't buy' book. It has over 50 pages of comments, autographs and messages from the cast and crew. It also contains a hidden message within the pages, from one of the films members. This absolutely unique copy of 'The Da Vinci Code' is now being offered for auction to raise money for our chosen charity, The Mayor's Charity, which will help purchase neo-natal incubators for premature children born at Lincoln County Hospital. We are the proprieters of Lincoln's award winning restaurant, The Old Bakery, and during filming of the 'Da Vinci Code' at Lincoln Cathedral during August 2005, the majority of actors, directors, producers and crew dined at our restaurant. We were really excited that in addition to visiting our restaurant, Tom Hanks, Sir Ian McKellen, Ron Howard and the rest of the cast and crew all kindly agreed to sign and leave personalised messages, within a copy of the book which is to be auctioned at the time of the film's release. Another major piece of news is that the author, Dan Brown, has now added his signature to the book which will naturally greatly enhance it's value. A letter of authentication from the publisher will be provided as described on the image to the right. We are very grateful to him for agreeing to do this by taking time out of his busy schedule and also for sending a message to The Old Bakery wishing us luck with the impending auction. We offer our sincere thanks to all those involved with the making of the film for this gift to the mothers, fathers and children of Lincoln who will benefit or many years to come. This unique book can be owned by bidding between 8th and 18th June on Ebay with the auction closing at 21.00hrs on Sunday 18th.and if successful you will own a piece of both film and book history. This book has been shown in newspapers and on television throughout the world All proceeds will be donated to The Mayor's Charity

Hilde Smits, Norway
It'll be more fun to see the movie now and I'll be sure to tell my friends about it. Live in Norway, but visited Lincoln in February. Nice town!

Sean - Lincoln
I have read the book (like millions of others) and I think it is a great tale. However, we will all have different ideas about what to expect from the film but the interpretation will be of the film director and others involved in its production. Therefore, many will be dissapointed by what they see. As Stephen Owens says, only the people local to the set will be aware of its locale. People around the world will not be aware (and probably not care less) that Lincoln was used as a set. I think this film will be very interesting to watch, but remember, it is the product of Dan Browns imagination..........enjoy.

Stephen Owens
To be honest, all these people saying its a great thing for Lincoln and its a great think for Lincolnshire, who is going to know its Lincoln Cathedral except for those who live in Lincoln and listen to Lincs radio. They went on about it like it was the best thing in the World!

You are in: Lincolnshire > History > Memoryshare > Lincolnshire's Da Vinci Code

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