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28 October 2014

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Lesley McBain gives an Indian Head Massage.
Sarah Bland gets a relaxing massage.

Why don't you... try indian head massage

By Sarah Bland
Now I have to admit, this week's Why Don't you was always going to be my favourite. What better way to do a feature than to have someone give you a lovely, relaxing head massage? Perfect…

The concept of Indian head massage originates from the traditional methods that Indian women used to use to groom themselves, including using oils for their hair. It's developed over the years to become a way to help patients relax, feel rejuvenated and more aware of their bodies.

Sarah Bland has an indian head massage.
This is the life!

I spoke to Lesley McBain, a local practitioner. She told me about some the treatments emotional and physical health benefits:
"It can do a lot of things. It gives you a good psychological uplift and can make you feel really good about yourself. It also gives you good muscle tone, it washes away all the toxins and it can release anxiety."

As a complete beginner in Indian head massage, I thought that the technique would just involve the head. In fact, it involves the shoulders, neck, back, face, head and ears. Each treatment takes about half an hour, and Lesley says it can be much nicer than other types of massages:

"The beauty of the treatment is you don't have to take your clothes off and you can do it anywhere. You can keep your eyes open or close them, whichever you feel most comfortable with."

During the treatment itself, I felt extremely relaxed and calm. However, it's not the most gentle of massages; you do get pulled and pummelled a fair bit. But it's just to loosen you're muscles, and it does feel lovely. I kept nearly drifting off to sleep listening to the tranquil background music, too.

After the massage, I was advised to drink a glass of water immediately, to help flush out any toxins in my body. I was also given an Aftercare Advice sheet, which suggested not to drink any caffeine or alcohol for the next few days, and also explained some of the after-effects I might feel.

The scariest thing of the whole session was when Lesley explained that the patient can feel sleepy for up to a week afterwards. "A week?" I cried. Yes. A week.

I'd say that was the possible the only real downside to the massage, but, saying that, I'd still definitely have it done again.

But right now, I think I'd just like to… lay down and… have a little nap… Zzzzzzzzzzz

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