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24 September 2014

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Revitalised - the new face of Grimsby's nightlife
The nightlife in Grimsby is on the up! Is Grimsby the new up and coming centre for pubbing and clubbing in Lincolnshire? Stu Nielsen endeavoured to find out and here's what he uncovered...
The nightlife in Grimsby has undergone a revamp


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Student Life
The face of Grimsby's nightlife has undergone enough change this year to make even the biggest of Hollywood stars raise their eyebrows (if they could!) The opening of three new pubs has given the area just the injection it needed, revitalising it and bringing many more options to a previously two-tone night.

The two tones were the type of music that you would have been likely to hear on a night out in Grimsby. On one side of the town centre, around the river Freshney, pubs such as "The Barge" and "Lloyds" as well as nightclub "Gullivers" have pretty much a staple diet of rock/indie music. The Barge, which is funnily enough, an actual barge and Lloyds are quite student friendly places (especially on Tuesday nights, when drinks are cheaper-Hey Hey!) and both have good atmospheres. In both the ever changing student faces sit well with the regulars and the both have juke boxes that are, well, the business!

Gullivers or Gullies as it's known around these here parts is a first floor nightclub. It does not have the largest capacity, but for my money (which I don't give away easily) is the best club in either Grimsby or Cleethorpes. It, as I said, does love its rock music but always throws in the odd oldie and dancey type track as well. It carries the Tuesday/Student theme along with the pubs by having both cheaper admissions and drinks on the night. It's also open on Fridays and Saturdays and for closet Wham! fans everywhere, has just started running an eighties night on Wednesdays.

The other side of the town centre, around the train station, features pubs that play more dance and pop stuff. The exchange as a real "what you see is what you get" type of place. Small in size it booms out its wares til the wee hours. It, as with most of the pubs on in this part of town, is not exactly crawling with students (or friendly to them some have said) but if you want to dance and drink, drink and dance, you're in luck. Huxters across the road from The Exchange and The Parity which is just around the corner, both have a similar musical range but, have a slightly older crowd. The Parity especially has got itself a good reputation with dancers and Huxter's is well on the way to rebuilding its, after some probs with the boys in blue.

The three new additions all fall somewhere in-between. They are more "funpubs" than anything else. Chicago's, Ice Barque and Walkabout (guess the theme?) all serve pretty decent and cheap food as well as churning out all varieties of music. They have brought a new atmosphere altogether to the town centre as they have stolen the hearts (or livers if you want) of many of the revellers who used to head towards Cleethorpes for their nights out. The fun type atmosphere that they create in their own places also seems to have spread out more throughout the whole town and it has definitely made a night out in Grimsby more enjoyable as a result.

So for a fun old time, no matter what your age, tastes or socio-economic background head on down to Grimsby. It's a fun face lifting atmosphere for all the family!

Stu Nielsen

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