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28 October 2014

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August - September 2005
Fly the Flag for Lincolnshire!

We've got the Cathedral in Lincoln, the Jolly Fisherman in Skegness and the Stump in Boston. But Lincolnshire doesn't have a symbol of the whole county. What it needs is a flag.

But there isn't one. How we have gone so long without is anyone's guess but we think it's time to put things right.

We here at BBC Lincolnshire have teamed up with Lincolnshire Life Magazine to bring you a selection of designs for a new Lincolnshire flag.

We wanted YOU to choose the flag for Lincolnshire. The design that received the most votes will be unveiled at the first ever 'Lincolnshire Day' in October 2005.

Once the design has been chosen, anyone can manufacture it and we hope to see loads of Lincolnshire flags flying all around the county - any beyond!

Take a look and the designs below, which thousands chose their favourite from.

Thousands of you voted, and the winner will be announced on 24th October, 2005.

Lincolnshire Flag design 1 - 3 horizontal bands of blue  (at the top), gold and green. Lincolnshire flag design 4. Yellow background. Green cross on white, on red.
Design 1
The three horizontal bands in this design represent the green of the fields (And Lincoln Green), the corn and the beaches and the blue of the sea and sky.
Design 4
This time the green cross sits on top of the St George's Cross. They are separated by a silver border - an important heraldic feature.
Lincolnshire flag design 2 - A red crossand Fleur De Lys on a gold cross with a quartered background of green and blue. Lincolnshire flag design 5 - Yellow cross on a green background.
Design 2
The main element is the red cross and Fleur De Lys representing the City of Lincoln. This is separated from the green and blue background by a gold border representing the golden crops grown in the county.
Design 5
A simple and bold flag - a yellow cross on a green background - Yellowbellies, beaches and crops against Lincoln Green.
Lincolnshire flag - Design 3 A green cross on a gold background with the City of Lincoln coat of arms in the top left corner. Lincolnshire flag design 6 - Green cross on a yelow background.
Design 3
This green and gold design celebrates the county's rural traditions and the yellow also represents 'Yellowbellies' - the nick name for Lincolnshire folk!
Design 6
A similar design to number 5, but with the colours reversed. This flag embodies the phrase 'Proud to be a Yellowbelly'

Visit Lincolnshire Life's website here.

* The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

To find out more about Yellowbellies, take a look at our Yellowbellies section!

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