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24 September 2014

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Get on board the bomber
Just Jane.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the famous Dambusters raids on the Ruhr Valley in Germany we are taking you on a tour of one of the surviving Lancaster Bombers.

Just Jane - The Lancaster Bomber

Video.Take an audio-visual tour of the Lancaster Bomber»

Use the BBC Webwise guide to downloading realplayer

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

617 Squadron - The Dambusters

BBC History - Barnes Wallis

BBC Bradford and West Yorkshire - Tribute to the Dambusters

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• Nineteen Lancasters flew in the raid on the Ruhr Valley, but only 11 returned.

• Fifty-three crew members lost their lives and a further three were captured.

• The designer of the Lancaster Bomber was Roy Chadwick

• The Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb was given the codename 'Upkeep'

Just Jane is a Lancaster bomber based at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby.

Visitors to the centre can see the Lancaster in all it's glory and may be lucky enough to see it taxi down the runway.

One thing that you cannot do however is to get on board...

We can now give you the chance to see where the seven Lancaster Crew members would have worked with our special audio-visual tour.

Start button. To take your tour of the Just Jane simply click start »

Please note that the tour is quite a large file and may take a few seconds to download.

Nineteen Lancasters departed from RAF Scampton near Lincoln on the night of 16th May 1943. Their destination was the Ruhr Valley where their mission was to destroy three dams - the Eder, the Mohne, and the Sorpe.

Of the 19 aircraft that left the base, 8 failed to return, but despite these losses the mission was considered a success with two of the dams breached and the third damaged.

The innovative 'bouncing' bomb spun as it was dropped from the plane. This allowed it to 'skim' across the surface of the water and then cling to the face of the dam and roll down it's wall to the base where it would cause maximum damage.

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