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24 September 2014

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Monday 13th June, 2005
Colin McFarlane in Hollywood Blockbuster
Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Lincolnshire actor Colin McFarlane is about to be featured in a Hollywood blockbuster starring the likes of Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Katie Holmes.
Batman begins movie

Audio.Listen to the interview with Colin when he spoke with BBC Radio Lincolnshire's William Wright >> Real 56k (4'51")

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Colin plays the role of Police Commissioner Loeb in Batman Begins. Most of his scenes were with another British actor, Gary Oldman. He filmed both in London and Chicago in America.

Read the BBC review of Batman Begins

"Shooting in London was like shooting any other TV series but going to Chicago was awesome" says Colin. "That was when you realise it was Batman, I mean there were four hundred extras, helicopters, men on horseback and Swat teams."

Colin McFarlane.
Colin McFarlane

The process of getting hired to do an American movie is not easy. Colin was short-listed for a casting in 2003 and had to wait for months before getting the call to do a further audition for the part.

And being cast in the same film as someone doesn't guarantee that you'll meet them. Colin got the chance to meet Katie Holmes but only saw Christian Bale as he entered his trailer and waved to him.

As expected, the premier was an exciting event for the whole family. His son Joshua and wife Kate walked on the red carpet with him. Colin signed some autographs of fans whilst Joshua spent some time taking photographs of the event.

Colin has lived in Lincolnshire for around 25 years and moved here when his family moved with the RAF. He went to a public school in Cambridge but spent many a summer in Lincoln.

Colin Mc Farlane with William Wright.
Listen to the interview with Colin when he spoke with BBC Radio Lincolnshire's William Wright >> Real 56k (4'51")

When he's not on a film set Colin splits his time in between London and Lincoln. If work is slow as it sometimes is with actors, Colin does voice overs, a handy skill that helps to pay the bills.

Fragile is the next movie that he features in. It's a thriller set in a hospital and also stars Calista Flockhart. Colin is also working on a sketch show with actor Don Gilet who currently stars in 55 degrees North. His passion is to direct and he has already started to work towards this goal by writing a screen play.

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