One Night Only

Confirmed for show eight - 1st April 10:30pm on BBC Three

One Night Only

North Yorkshire quintet One Night Only are tipped to be the sound of the summer. Fresh-faced at just 17 years old, their easy-on-the-ear indie sound sparked a record label bidding war before the boys had even left school. They've just finished touring with the Pigeon Detectives and are about to embark on a huge tour of their own. Their latest single, Just For Tonight, might sound familiar not only because it has thoroughly infiltrated the airwaves, but also because it's used for the opening credits of E4 show Nearly Famous and as the theme tune for Sky's Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Hailing from Helmsley, a small and quiet place most noted for its flower shows and duck pond, the boys cut a distinctive figure in their home town. They're used to shouts of "get yer hair cut" from the villagers, who probably don't see many rockers hanging around. Guitarist Craig points out "There's not really much of a scene in Helmsley". These boys are here to change that.

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