The Futureheads

Confirmed for show seven - 25th March 10:30pm on BBC Three

The Futureheads

The Futureheads set out to make 'nasty and abrasive music' yet somehow manage to list both Queen and Kate Bush as influences. In fact, they reached the top ten for the first time in 2005 with a cover of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. It looked like the dream was over for the Sunderland four-piece however when, in 2006, they were dropped by their record label.

Rather than give up and get day jobs to pay the mortgage, they set up their own record label, Nul Records, and took themselves off to the mountains of Spain to get working on new material.

They're urging fans to buy their new single The Beginning of the Twist to prove a point to the 'dinosaurs of the music industry that… the future of music lies with the fans and the artists'. So get behind the Futureheads and stick it to the man.

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