BeardyMan - YouTube Hero

Confirmed for show seven - 25th March 10:30pm on BBC Three


Two times UK Beatbox Champion Darren Foreman is better known to his international legion of fans as BeardyMan. His incredible vocal talents and eclectic sense of humour have propelled him to worldwide fame and paved the way to a slew of TV, festival and live performances. He has worked alongside Grooverider, Shy FX, Killa Kela, Jazzy Jeff and Andy C to name a few.

BeardyMan has a huge YouTube following, with dozens of clips available online. Perhaps his most famous is The Kitchen Diaries, which has been watched and passed around by millions.

While BeardyMan is the reigning UK Beatbox champ; he won't be winning the title this year. He's decided to give everyone else a chance and will instead be judging the event.

If there are any questions that you would like to ask BeardyMan, just fill in the form on the right - remembering to add BeardyMan's name as well as your own. If your question is interesting enough, you might even hear Lily read it out on the show.

Also, if you'd like to join Mary the foul-mouthed grandma, Chris Crocker the hysterical Britney fan and Lily's other internet correspondents on the show - simply film yourself asking one of our upcoming celebrity guests a question and upload it to our YouTube group here.

Don't forget to give the camera a nice big wave at the beginning of your clip.

Do you want to ask a question?

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