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23 September 2014
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Popular questions

We receive thousands of queries about What Not to Wear. Unfortunately we can't reply personally to all the mail, so we've collected the most common topics, and given answers below. We hope this will help you achieve your style goals.

Programme music

Unfortunately we have no information about the music used on the programme.

Private styling?

We regret that we're unable to provide personal style advice. But you can print out a set of shopping rules for your body shape.

If you require one-to-one assistance to help you create a new personal style, try one of the many clothing shops that have a personal shopper service.

'Chicken fillets'

Silicone breast enhancers featured in the show are commonly known as 'chicken fillets' because of their colour, shape and fleshy feel. They're silicone gel shapes that fit over or under the breast, worn inside your bra. They give the appearance of a fuller size and shape. Try asking at your local lingerie store, or search for 'silicone breast enhancers' online for suppliers.

Books and DVD

Clothes rail

Several WNTW books and dvds are available. What Your Clothes Say About You (2005), What You Wear Can Change Your Life (2004), What Not to Wear, Part 2 (2003), What Not to Wear (2002), Ready2Dress (2000) - are all published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Hair and make-up

Paul Edmonds is the hairstylist for the programme's targets. You can visit his salon at 166 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HW. Tel: 020 7589 5958. Visit his website at

Sarah Burrows is the make-up artist used on the programme. Unfortunately she's unable to answer personal correspondence.

Viewing abroad

Satellite and cable channels may show past programmes again, and you may want to contact specific broadcasters through the web for this information. What Not to Wear features regularly on satellite channel UK Style. For those living abroad, try visiting,, or other local broadcasters. Please note we are unable to pass on your requests to other broadcasters.

Larger font on website

To increase the font size using Internet Explorer, choose 'View' from the top menu, then select 'Text size' and choose 'Larger' or 'Largest'.

A show outside UK?

There are no plans for a WNTW series abroad at the moment.


We cannot provide videos or transcriptions of past programmes. Our copyright agreements only allow broadcasts. Duplication and distribution of programme tapes has to be negotiated as a separate commercial agreement. We therefore regret we can only provide recordings if they're available commercially.

(Please note that the BBC isn't responsible for external websites.)

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