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28 October 2014
Life on Mars

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Series 2 - Watch Tuesdays, 9pm, BBC ONE Catch the next episode straight after, 10pm, BBC FOUR.

Life On Mars has concluded and finally the mystery of Sam's time-travelling has been revealed!

We hope you enjoyed the show - relive all the good times here with our Episode Guide.

Sam Tyler's journey may have reached its end, but we have a premonition that you've not heard the last from some of your favourite characters...

The story continues, with Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), DCI Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) and DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) in Ashes To Ashes...

Episode 1

Tuesday 13th Febuary 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 8

Despite eerie visions of 2006, DCI Sam Tyler remains in the 70s - where he encounters the young incarnation of a nasty villain Sam put away in 2006. He sees the chance every copper dreams about: stopping the killer before he kills.

Episode 2

Tuesday 20th Febuary 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 1

With his mentor presiding over an armed robbery investigation, DCI Gene Hunt is keen to show off his team. And with his own (future) mentor working with the team as a lowly DC, Sam too tries to be at his best.

Episode 3

Tuesday 6th March 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 8

When a bomb warning is reported, A-Division go on red alert. The IRA have begun their mainland bombing campaign – now the terror has arrived. Or has it?

Episode 4

Tuesday 13th March 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 4

The body of a young woman is found in wasteland. The investigation takes the team to suburbia, where a local car dealer is throwing private parties, employing the make-up girls to “help out” when the wife-swapping begins...

Episode 5

Tuesday 20th March 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 5

Sam feels strange – stranger than usual. Whilst trying to work out the cause of his vivid imaginings, he has to deal with an urgent investigation when a man tries to hang himself in A-division. Sam must shake the demons from his head to help a desperate family.

Episode 6

Tues 27th March 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 6

Heroin has hit the streets of Manchester and Gene wants culprits. When investigating the murder of a Ugandan Asian man, Sam battles against the bigoted reaction of his DCI. His sympathy is further stirred by messages from Maya, his Asian girlfriend in 2007.

Episode 7

Tuesday 3rd April 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 5

Gene wakes Sam in the middle of the night, drunk, and apparently having killed someone. Sam tries to prove his Guv’s innocence, watched by DCI Frank Morgan, from Hyde division, while the evidence stacks up against Gene.

Episode 8

Tuesday 10th April 2007, 9pm, BBC ONE

Series 2 Episode 8

CID is chasing a notorious cop killer and Gene is determined to beat Morgan to the arrest. But all Sam has to do, Morgan promises, is one more job and he can ‘come home’. Sam’s presumptions about his past, future and his very soul unravel in a heart-stopping climax.

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