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24 September 2014
Life on Mars

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DC Ray Carling

DC Ray Carling - Dean Andrews

Ray's an old style copper, who goes with his gut instinct, often instead of looking at the evidence in front of him. Actor Dean Andrews talks about his character.

"Basically, Ray's a bull in a china shop. He wades in before thinking. He's a man of his time and is the most un-pc PC. That's the way that he's been brought through the ranks and he's been channelled in to that way of thinking. If he was married, his wife would be doing all of the house work whilst he went to the pub with the lads!"

Dean based the character on his own experiences of the 70s.

"I was brought up in that era, in public houses all of my life, so we had lots of characters that came in the pub like that. They would come in the tap room and play darts, dominoes and crib and just think 'our lass is at home making Sunday dinner while I'm sat here enjoying myself' but think nothing further of it. They were very narrow-minded, so I suppose I picked little nuggets up from lots of different people rather than one specific person."

Ray's the golden boy of the force until Sam comes along, leading to a rivalry between the pair.

"In Ray's eyes, Sam is just some pain in the neck from Hyde who's been transferred to their department and starts to change everything. I believe that Ray and Gene are very similar characters and Ray looks up to Gene and follows his lead. The natural progression for Ray is to become DI and that was the next step for him until Sam arrived.

"Sam walks straight into the job with all these new ideas and takes Gene away from Ray. Ray feels mortified that he's lost his mate and thinking partner. Whenever new ideas come up they are all pretty resistant to it. They all pooh-pooh them straight away saying, 'no we've done it this way for years'. He won't have anything to do with this way of thinking, even though Gene agrees to some, because he doesn't think it's right. Gene and Ray are men's men but Ray thinks that Sam is some namby pamby weakling. They don't do emotion like Sam, it's all fists and alcohol."

Despite the seriousness of his character, Dean recalls some more light hearted moments from filming.

"One abiding memory is when John Simm had a long technical speech that was really difficult. It was a long, tough speech. Marshall Lancaster made a bet with John that he wouldn't be able to manage to get the whole speech done in one take. John went in a corner and really concentrated, we had a couple of rehearsals where he stumbled over a few words so Marshall was rubbing his hands thinking he'd won the bet.

"But when it came to the take, John nailed it first time so that was it. Marshall had to drop his trousers and walk the full length of the CID corridor half naked."

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