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24 September 2014
Life on Mars

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A scene of a technical hand walking into shot

Life On Mars Co-Creator and Lead Writer Matthew Graham answers your questions.

Clues Or Bloopers?:

"My mate and I are Ford Freaks! The Cortina that is used looks like a range topping GXL. But I have noticed that the inside shoots are of a later 2000E model. My mate says that I'm wrong! Please can you put us right?!" - Philip Carpenter, Exeter

Matthew Graham: The interiors and exteriors are from the same car so it must have been modified by the previous owner. We acquired the car of course in good faith and although the art department tried to check everything out for authenticity, things sometimes slip through the net. Maybe we need more Ford freaks on the crew.

"Is there something significant behind the modern boxes of Kleenex which the camera lingers on in Episode 6? The programme is so carefully put together that I can hardly believe modern boxes were used by accident?" - Jackie S, Edinburgh

Matthew Graham: The art department try to be rigorous with period props. I would assume that what you saw was a 1973 box of Kleenex. It must just look very similar to the new ones.

"In one episode, why was 'Del Boy' written on the toilet door? Just a nickname maybe, but it didn't become famous till Only Fools and Horses began in 1981. So is it a mistake or clue?" - Simon Gifford, St. Albans

Matthew Graham: There are no mistakes in Life On Mars Simon, only mistaken thinking. (It was probably a mistake. The person responsible has been sacked and forced to run around Manchester city centre in his Calvin Kleins.)

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