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28 October 2014

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May 2004
Bargain basement beauty
Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind
Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind screenshot.

Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind gets a fair crack of the whip from Eva Minx as she suggests you give it a spin if you're wanting a change.

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  Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind
Release date:
  Out now

Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind is a re-release budget title, for those familiar, it is the sequel to the award winning RPG's Arena and Daggerfall.

Your quest starts on board a prison ship arriving at Morrowind, where you are to be given your freedom. The first part of the game is to set you up with your character and his/her relevant skills, and there are loads to choose from, some strong in magic, others are more stealthy, and some just good for a fight.

When you go to the Census Office you are asked of your class, this can be done in three ways, the more personal touch is if you go through a list of questions, and depending on the answers you give decides the class for you.

You can also create a custom class, or a quicker way is to just pick one from a list. Finally you are asked of what birth sign you were born under, and again choosing from a list, this will add more to your abilities.

Now the fun starts

You're on you're own from now on. The menus, inventories and journals are all very easy to navigate, these enable you to see what you are carrying, weapons, potions, duties to carry out etc.

When you start to meet people in the villages, if you talk to them important topics will be highlighted in the text, and you can then probe further on those topics, this although helpful, is a little time consuming and can get tedious.

Combat is not quite to WWE standards, but a good fistfight with a witchery grub along the way is fun, although the first time the grub beat me!

As you beat opponents, your skills will increase and the further you go into the game more weapons are available (if you choose that type of character).

The game is a massive journey, which will take weeks not hours to complete, depending on which way you play it, either going for the set tasks or just explore the world set out in front of you.

The game has a nice relaxed pace, nice if a little dated graphics, good background music, and as I said before loads and loads to explore and do.

So if you like RPG's or just need something to chill out on, after getting RSI from that first person shooter you've been playing then Morrowind definitely fits the bill.


Eva Minx

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