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24 September 2014

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April 2004
Been here too long?
Old Leicester Clcoktower
Leicester City centre back in the day
Residents of Leicester, Beware! See what makes you a Leicester local below...
Old Leicester in colour
Leicester dictionary
History of Leicester
You know you've been in Leicester too long when...
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Leicester has a population of 280,000

Leicester was called Ratae Coritanorum in the Roman era

The first local railway ran between Leicester and Swannington and opened in 1852

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You know you've been in Leicester too long when...

You know every nightclub in Leicester by a previous name.

You've watched Leicester City play, standing in the Family Enclosure.

You know who Dusty Hare is.

You remember Leicester United.

You are thrown by people who:
a) Don't know where Brucianni's is.
b) Don't know how good their milkshakes (and ice-cream sodas) are.

You remember when it wasn't a Leicester Mercury headline without the words "shock", "horror" and/or "probe".

You used to go into town especially to see Lewis's Christmas

You call people "mardy".

You know what a "jitty" is.
You also know what a "Croggy" is

You get disorientated driving down St. Margaret's Way as you no longer have the swimming baths for reference.

You were amazed when the lions on the fountain turned out to be bronze.

You've watched more than one large fire from the Great Central Way.

It's not "mate" it's "me duck".

You've been amazed at how often this was debated in the Mercury's letters page, usually by some mad Northern woman and a handful of locals with far too much spare time.

You remember George's Salad Bar, and have wondered what would've happened if you'd walked in and actually ordered a salad.

You've been to Twycross Zoo. More than once.

A Fox Cub has wheels and an engine (unless it's actions are being narrated by David Attenborough).

You know which "Gate" is which.

You've been roller-skating at Granby Halls.

You remember when Fosse Park was ASDA, Everard's Brewery, Oliver's Shoes and some horses.

You've sat in Daniel Lambert's chair.

You think Bobby's is a good restaurant, but can't believe that:
a) People actually travel all the way from India to eat there.
b) They can get away with using furniture clearly bought from a
garden centre.
c) It's not even good garden furniture.

You can spell "Engelbert Humperdinck" and "Showaddy Waddy".

You buy more Leicester than Cheddar cheese.

You know they're Diwali lights until the beginning of December.

You remember "Lineker's" sparkly red and blue sign on the market.

You have actually shown this off to someone visiting Leicester.

You know the difference between a cob and a bap (and that your
mates could back you up on this).

You've actually been into the Gas Museum on Aylestone Road.

You get a craving for a TJ's when out drinking in other towns.

You don't know anyone who hasn't been to Skeggy.

You remember when Que Passa was the only Mexican restaurant in the County.

What do you remember from the old days?


roy lowe
leicester born and bred 1940-1965 still remember all the old cinemas and the granby halls, eyres monsell was then the paddies speedway on fridays skating on sat morn, watch city in the aft,parks and swings locked up on sundays,erics ice cream, saffron lane cycle track was then the shire,too many memories to relate

city popular side using school cap to get in kids entrance after leaving school taking girlfreind home on last bus from palais on sat night to thurnby then walking home to Oadby wimpy bar playing in crashed plane near aerodrome taking fossils to museum to identify motorbikes mallory park fish chips mushy peas in newspaper train spotting

Swimming Bath's off Humberstone Gate,Taxi-rank little house,and the Palaise night club,also in H/Gate


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