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24 September 2014

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20 January 2005
Splat attack!
Leicester Wildcat with paint on mask
Leicester Wildcats opened their 2004 campaign with a second place in Worksop on Sunday.

Leicester Wildcats paintball team took part in their first competition at the weekend - find out who got splatted and where they finished.

audio Leicester Wildcats Team Manager Darren Woodiwiss explains all about painballing in Leicestershire (28k)
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Paintball began in Henniker, New Hampshire, USA in 1981 when George Butler found the gun in an agriculture catalogue

The guns were originally designed for marking trees and cows

Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel, and Charles Gaines invented the rules to paintball

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Last Sunday saw the beginning of Leicester Wildcats 2004 campaign with the first event of the year being held at the Skirmish site just south of Worksop.

This was the first outing ever for the team including two newcomers to modern tournament paintball, Kevin Allen and Shaun Fray.

The rest of the team have had at least one year of experience and consisted of Stuart Gillard, Paul Horton, Dave Luff, Andy Naylor, Matt Poole and Darren Woodiwiss (Captain).

The day started with a 5.30am departure for the two hour drive north with the first of eight games starting at 8.45am. In this tournament series, the teams self seed so all new teams start in the bottom division which in this case was Division D.

There were a few new teams at this event so nothing could be taken for granted and each team respected.
The day started badly for the Wildcats with the first game stagnating and poor communications allowing their opponents"Sub Zero" (The eventual winners) to grind us down for a points win 30-20.

The second game was faring much better for us with communications better and great positions from the break, things were looking good and we maxed out the opposition for the loss of one player. We could not take too much from this game though as two minutes in an opposition forward dived over a lay down bunker and broke his collar bone.

The third game again worked well and we again maxed the opposition for the loss of one player. The fourth game was another story, one of bad luck and bad timing, things were going well and we had eliminated four of their players for no loss when three of our players' markers went down. We lost this game which was the only game our opponents won all day.

The fifth and sixth games went well also, resulting in maxed wins leaving us in good standing for a overall win, until the last two games that is.

Leicester Wildcats perpare for their day of competition
The Wildcats prepare for the event in Worksop.

Game seven was against "Storm North", many pundits' favourites, and with heavy and accurate fire bogged our game down and taking five of our players for two losses. In an almost heroic last stand, Dave Luff and Andy Naylor held the back line and pulled it back to 2-2 at full time.

The last game was over in a flash with the opposition having a number of vastly experienced players who rolled us over in about two minutes for the loss of two players.

In the final standings, against good quality opposition, with an untried team, problems with some old paint early in the day (bursting and not accurate) and problems with markers the team managed a respectable second place.

The day was tarnished obviously by the player from "TG Sunderland" being injured and someone misappropriating two cases of paint (4000 balls) from our staging area, but will be remembered for an excellent first result setting the scene for 2004.

Well done Leicester Wildcats!

Darren Woodiwiss

Tournament points system

  • Win within 6 minutes (Normally 8) 100 points
  • Win after 6 minutes 90 points
  • Points per elimination 5 points
  • If a team does not win, whether a draw or loss, points are awarded for each opposition player eliminated. If you win you get either the 100 points for winning with a time bonus or 90 without.

Glossary of terms

  • Marker: The proper name for the equipment that fires the paint pellets "Gun"
  • Bunker The obstacles that are strategically place on the field for cover
  • Maxed The elimination of all opposition players
  • Hopper The container attached to a marker that feeds the paintballs
  • Gogged The process of being shot in the goggles
  • Mugging When a player moves around/past a bunker to shoot an opponent on the other side at point blank range.
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