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24 September 2014

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A band you really cannot miss are WILDGOOSE, who are 3 lads from the Coalville area. Their last gig at the West End club showed what talent they have. The set started with an old favourite, Fast Car; a hard, rocking number with some very original words. This was closely followed by another of their self-penned pieces, Vampire (featured on the BBC/Talent jukebox)again a song with some excellent drum work, and clever lyrics. The band did the usual covers; giving them all their own unique touches - I particularly liked 'Every Rose has it's thorns' - almost better then the original! Their next big gig is at Pride Park in Derby, for the Jubilee Celebrations in the summer. If you get chance, go and see this very talented trio; Joel Wildgoose (lead guitar/singer) Steve Tanner (Bass guitar/singer) and Chris Bentley (drums), I guarantee you will enjoy every minute, and come out stone deaf!!!!

Lynne Tanner
Coalville, Leicester

Rent - The Musical

Well ... what can I say about RENT The Musical that hasn't been said a million times before? Not a lot, but all I can give my verdict on the musical.

I don't know how other people who have seen RENT reacted to it, but all I can say is that June 23rd was a truly magnificent day for me ... the best day of my life. I could never have imagined it would have been so spectacular.

I had an idea, from reading rave reviews and visiting various Rent websites what it was about, and I must admit, I wasn't really sure how I would take to it as it deals with so many powerful issues such as AIDS, rent riots and homelessness. But, after the first 10 minutes, I knew I was going to witness something special ... something I have never witnessed before.

As I settled down into my seat, I had no idea what my eyes were going to witness. Here, my journey had began, and I was planning to enjoy every single moment...

The first character to appear on the amazingly designed set was Roger Davis (Damien Flood) accompanied by a prop - a guitar. His arrival was followed by the eagerly awaited appearance of Mark Cohen, of course, ex-Coronation Street-come-pop star Adam Rickitt.

I personally was extremely excited at the appearance of Adam, as I have been a huge fan since his pop star days, and, seeing someone of his status and incredible good looks was breathe-taking. T

he most striking thing about the character that Adam played, Mark Cohen, was that he obviously had training to perfect his effective New York accent, which in my opinion was utterly convincing and very endearing.

Clad in a diamond-patterned cream sweater and bright orange trousers, complete with black-rimmed spectacles, his entrance was nothing short of dazzling. I have to admit as I'm not a theatregoer.

I wasn't familiar with any of the cast apart from Adam Rickitt, but as I was drawn further into the musical I realised what a group of talented artists they really were. Their wonderful voices sent shivers down my spine so powerful.

The main characters who's voices were particularly distinctive were Roger Davis (Damien Flood) and Mini Marquez (Debbie Kurup). Helen's York's performance of "Over The Moon" was truly brilliant. Getting the audience (including me!) to "Mooooooo" along with her was a unique touch to the musical.

Although, having mentioned the powerful voices of Damien and Debbie, and of course the rest of the cast, I have to say that I was impressed with Adam Rickitt's performance. Not that I thought he wouldn't be able to cut it as Mark Cohen, but it was because he was a rookie at theatre.

The scale of songs in Rent ranged from rock, blues to soul, gospel and even tango! Although every song in Rent is excellent I have my personal favourites, and those has to be Damien Flood's performance of "One Song Glory", which was breathe-taking, "Seasons of Love", Debbie and Damien's "Without You" and Adam and Damien's performance of "What You Own".

I had an idea of the main themes and plot of Rent, yet I found it difficult at occasions to understand some of the things that was going on.

Having not read the programme before the performance, that is the reason. Having single out certain cast members, every single cast member of Rent have shown me that they all have extreme talent, and from reading their biographies, it goes to show by the amount of work in theatre they have completed.

I am in full praise of Rent and the issues it dealt with so magnificently and accurate. As I haven't been to the theatre in a long while seeing this wonderfully amazing musical has inspired me to visit the theatre on a regular basis.

I'd recommend Rent - The Musical to everyone - Don't be out off by the issues of the musical it is by no means depressing - it's upbeat, with an amazing score with a delightfully vibrant cast.

I could go on and on about Rent as there is a lot more to say about the wonderful cast and the musical itself, but quite frankly, it would take me a good while. After seeing the cast in action, I know that they will go a long way from here...

How would I sum up RENT in 5 words: Amazing, powerful, breathe-taking, emotional and superb.

Stars out of ten: * * * * * * * * * * 10/10

Rebecca Hannah Jones

I would like to comment about the Lagna show which was on at the Phoenix on the 8th and 9th Aug. I thought it was a fantastic performance and the set was outstanding! The young performers performed really well and I would just like to say congratulations to the whole team for a very successful production!

Krupa Parmar

Lenny Henry at De Montfort Hall
I went to see the Lenny Henry show. I thought personally that Lenny was brilliant. He is a character full of witty remarks that make people think and laugh about real life facts. He is full of life, strength and determination to succeed. I felt that although he is a great celebrity he is still fighting for what he believes in. I think he fights for equality. He knows his one person that has jumped the hurdle to get people to say that one black man has done it. He wants more and more ethic minorities to jump that hurdle with him. His performance's was all about his life although him and his family faced hard times from when they came across from Jamaica to now, he still amuses all the people that his met along his path. His jokes were hilarious. His got a heart of gold. There should be more people out there like him.

Jay Virdee

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