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24 September 2014

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11th October 2001
Atlantis: The Lost Empire U cert camera  

Director: Gary Trousdale; Kirk Wise
Don Hahn
Michael J. Fox (voice), James Garner (voice), Cree Summer (voice), Don Novello (voice), John Mahoney (voice), Leonard Nimoy (voice)David Ogden Stiers (voice).
Length: 96 minutes
19th October 2001

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Will he find the Empire?

Long ago, in the murky depths of time there was a flourishing, advanced society. Then almost over night in a cataclysm that was of their own making, that civilisation vanished from the face of the Earth.

Leaving but a name; Atlantis and a myth.

Looking for the lost Empire

On the search for the lost Empire
Throughout the ages there have been legends and rumours of this strange land and its inhabitants. Yet only one person over time has managed to visit this fabled land and return to tell his tale.

Aziz the shepherd and his Journal, written after his imprisonment as a madman. For centuries scholars tried to decipher the strange script and unlock any secrets that were to be found.

The journal in his hands

The famous Journal
The Journal, passed from owner to owner until it reached the holy island of Lindisfarne in the hands of a Turkish adventurer. Here the original scroll was reassembled into an illuminated, bound manuscript by the monks of the island.

A few centuries later once more the journal was lost, after a Viking expedition to locate Atlantis was wrecked upon the Atlantic. Ultimately it fell into the hands of the Mayans and spurred their architects, from images contained, to build their greatest cities.

Eating over the fire

Taking a break from their adventure.
Passing through such hands as Leonardo Da Vinci, who drew inspiration from the marvels listed within, the dark ages started to see shafts of light.

Others to hold the book included the Borgias, the Medici's, Pope Sextus V and Sir Christopher Wren. Ultimately the noted American linguist, Thaddeus Thatch was given the book to study by industrialist Preston Whitmore.

Found something interesting?

Found something interesting.
Now after years of ridicule. Milo Thatch, Thaddeus' grandson has now been invited to join an expedition, funded by Preston Whitmore his grandfathers old friend.

Accompanied by Commander Rourke, Helga, 'Cookie' and series of experts, Milo must use his cartography skills and his talent for languages to unlock the one path that will take him through danger and peril and ultimately to Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

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