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28 October 2014

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16th May 2001
Inbetweeners 15 cert camera  

Director: Darren Fisher
Finlay Robertson, Sarah Vandenbergh, Kate Loustau, Johnny Bal,l Toby Walton, Gary Fannin, Katy Pullinger
Length: 86 minutes
18th May 2001


A story of sex, drugs, nudity and gratuitous study

In over 100 years of film, there has never been a film about the British University experience ... until now! The Britpack Film Company presents a creative and fresh new comedy.

Writer/Director, Darren Paul Fisher joins forces with Executive Producer, Peter Powell, and takes the audience on an energetic journey through the ups and downs of the University lifestyle.

Take six gorgeous guys and six gorgeous girl, place them together in the halls of residence and watch sparks fly! Luke likes Mel who likes David who likes Nicole. Jack and Cass keep splitting up (but only at the end of each term). Steph faces some major lifestyle decisions, Beth thinks everyone is after her body and NOBODY seems to be doing any work.

Inbetweeners cover all universal issues: namely love, sex, temptation, identity and friendship. And Pot Noodles. Set to become the cream of new British talent, the cast is made up of a gifted group of young individuals, most of them newcomers to the film world but with a wealth of experience in theatre and television - featuring Kate Loustau (Elizabeth), Sarah Vandenbergh (Neighbours, Hollyoaks) & Jane Peachey (London's Burning).

A firm favourite with the media and the public alike, Johnny Ball is cast in a hilarious and inspired cameo role as a University lecturer. Johnny's star quality shines through and is sure to win the hearts of fans, old and new.

As well as being the first commercial British film to be shot on DV, Inbetweeners also features a blistering soundtrack from the best new bands in the UK. From indie rock to hip-hop, from pop to dance, the music reflects the variety of student life and tastes.

Whether you want to live it, are about to live it or have already lived it, Inbetweeners will make you believe you are there experiencing it. Inbetweeners premiers on May 16th 2001 and releases theatrically on May 18th 2001. It is released on DVD and video later this year via Universal.

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