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13 November 2014

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Nigel Elson

A song of support

A local man from Melton Mowbray has written a charity song after being moved by recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan. BBC Leicetser's Chris Baxter spoke to him to find out more. Listen to the interview here.

Nigel Elson, a local artist has written a track 'Just Call Time' in support of the Help For Heroes cause, which supports injured troops returning from war.

After watching the latest developments in both countries Nigel felt this was a worthy cause to support.

His track has already touched both soldiers and public hearts alike.

"I will be able to raise a lot of money for Help For Heroes... For the people who really need it"

Nigel Elson

Listen: Just Call Time

BBC Leicester's Chris Baxter spoke to Nigel about the song. Listen to the interview plus hear a live performance of 'Just Call Time'...

For Nigel the loss of his mother allowed him to feel a connection with families who have either lost sons and daughters to war or have seen them return injured.

"The reason for writing the song is because I lost my mother and I was really down.

"I got pneumonia and was really touch and go myself and through the experience of losing someone close to me, when I recovered I was watching TV and I saw these guys in theatre.... The people passing away and getting injured.

"I could understand people losing people, through losing my mother, what they were feeling.

"By watching the program, all the emotions going through my mind, I just wrote this song and that is how 'Just Call Time' came about really. And then I just started writing songs and I think its the inspiration that my mothers given me.

"Out of something bad, hopefully something good will come, as I will be able to raise a lot of money for Help For Heroes... For the people who really need it."

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes

Missing family

Despite the title 'Just Call Time', Nigel is not against the war. The song, he says is just about a regular solider doing well by his country but missing his family at home.

"Ultimately the song about a military personnel in a war zone and he's been there along time, but all that's on his mind is his family.

"When he is under gun fire, he is just wondering if he is going to come home and see his family again.

"I'm not against war and the songs not against war. Its just about a guy, he been out there along time, he is very tired.

"He is missing the people who he loves. He just wants to get home. He's done his time there."

Backing from the best

Nigel's song, which handles a topic that is very close to every serviceman's heart, has been well received by the soldiers themselves, as he explained.

"I have military connections in the family and it was actually my wife who took it to work and let a couple of military personnel hear the song.

"They said this song was worth pushing, because it really is showing to people or explaining how people feel in theatre. They are doing a grand job, they like to help the country but they are missing their families.

"It made a few people come to tears really, because they have been out in Afghanistan and have come back and said that this song really pushes the buttons.

"People who have heard the song are amazed and reckon it's on the button of what is going on in life. People in theatre really just want to come home as they are missing their families.

"As for raising money, I don't think really you should need to raise money. We've got a second to none military and they are looking after us.

"I think we should give them all the money they need as without the military behind us the country wouldn't be here. We need to be safe,  they keep us safe and that's why I'm doing it.

Nigel Elson - close up

The passion

Nigel feels that although he has recorded other projects, the emotion and passion that he now has was definitely a help.

"I never really started to write songs. I didn't really try.

"I mean I've always recorded myself, had a little studio, but the inspiration of this is totally from my mother and the emotions from what I've been going through in the last few months."

"Like some people say the best songs come out of feelings and hopefully this will be a good song to raise a lot of money for the guys who need a lot of help now."

A worthy cause

With the success of 'Just Call Time' Nigel now hopes to go on tour in order to raise more money and help in any way he can.

"I have got a CD out with a few more songs on it.

"I'm going to get a band back together and do a tour with all my songs for Helps For Heroes around theatres if I can get a PR company to back me…

"Just raise more money really. Go out there and help a lot of people because my mother and father have always done that.

"I'm really into this cause. What ever happens to me I will always help the heroes because the military deserve everything we can give them."

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You are in: Leicester > Local Radio > Features > A song of support

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