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13 November 2014

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Most bands at Summer Sundae 09 used instruments, computers or sequencers to create their music. Beardyman, a beatboxer, only used his vocal chords and that is it! Will Kisby, our BBC Blast reporter met up with him.

When I met Beardyman I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for. To say he is amazingly talent is an understatement and to say that he is 'crazy' is nowhere near the mark!

It's hard to put your finger on just what he is. Maybe then it is best not to try!

I met up with him after this mind blowing set that he played at Leicester's Summer Sundae 2009. I didn't see a single audience member without a smile on their face after this performance, which was on the first day of the festival.

It set the standard for all the other acts to follow.

Beardyman at Summer Sundae

Listen: Beardyman Beatboxing

'Beardy' told me he was grateful for the crowd, especially the young audience that rushed to the front when he broke into his set. Listen to a sample of his work...

They loved his mixing of genres, that can range anywhere from Jungle, Drum and Bass and Gabba.

"The crowd was really wicked.

"The kids love Gabba. There were loads of young teenagers and they love Gabba!"

"It just went mental and we did loads of weird stuff. Like this jungle Bond theme!"


For some people this would have been the first time they would have experienced any real beatboxing, and some would not have even heard of it!

Beardyman, with a cheeky look on his face, dodged my question explaining what beatboxing is and instead showed me by breaking straight into a spontaneous tune.

Perhaps this was the explanation I needed!

"I don't know. Its hard to objectify. I can't explain, because objectification is a basically a simulation of reality!

"But its not the actual style. It's the substance you are looking for! You need to look deeper... deeper!"

The set was played at a frantic pace, and the crowd where left wanting more. Although I wondered, did he plan his set, or like a DJ did he read the crowd and adapt?

"I have a list and I just choose it in the moment"

"Prepare! Harness your chi! Be at one! Ying and yang combined!"

Beardyman, beatboxer

Listen: Will Kisby's Attempt.

While I was with Beardyman, I asked him if he would teach me the ways of beatboxing! Take a listen to my attempt...

He set out the rules which I would have to follow. It didn't seem easy!

"It's all in the mind. You have to understand that!

"That is the most important thing!

"Basically, you can't learn to beat box for the first two month of learning to beat box.

"You have to focus yourself. Prepare! Harness your chi! Be at one! Ying and yang combined!"

Beatboxing is much more difficult that it appears. While it is just making noises to some, it is clearly much more than that.

With a wide range of vocal skills needed to produce anything close to his performance.

I put my own poor performance, down to a lack time warming up my vocal chords. I would have been fine otherwise...

However, I doubt I'll be supporting Beardyman anytime soon!

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You are in: Leicester > Blast > B-B-Beatboxing!

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