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13 November 2014

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Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles

BBC Blast Reporter, Will Kisby, met Rival Consoles, to find out what it is like to be a young up and coming electronic producer. Watch the video below.

Rival Consoles is the brainchild of Leicester born Ryan Lee West, a local, up and coming electronic producer who has recently released his debut album. Watch the video here.

Like most musicians Ryan became interested in music when he first played the guitar, although he soon found that experimenting with the latest musical technology was much more fun.

"It was just a normal teenage thing really, when I started playing the guitar. Since then I really got into the realm of computer music.

"I've also always been more interested in what you can do in a studio or what you can do with electronic equipment rather than what you can do with a pair of hands."

Rival Consoles

Video: Rival Consoles in action

Ryan followed his passion and studied music production at De Montfort University. After graduating he set up Rival Consoles.

Take a look at the DJ doing what he does best...

However was it difficult going into the music industry alone?

"The networking side of it is harder but musically it is easier.

"I'm the sort of the person that has evolved into working better on my own.

"You can work very fast on your own because you've not got to rely on someone doing X.

"You can get your music ideas down on the computer! Produced there and then, without having to consult anyone else."

"I'd rather just make music that I'm really interested in first."

Rival Consoles

No Worries

Since setting up Rival Consoles, Ryan has played out in various venues throughout Europe, released his debut album and even played the Tate Britain.

Ryan is already focusing on his next album and isn't worried about how Rival Consoles will fit along side other acts in the music industry.

"At the minute I'm just working on loads of stuff for the next album.

"There is no point in thinking how you are going to fit into any industry, unless you are really trying to make money out of it, which I'm not at the minute.

"I'd rather just make music that I'm really interested in first.

"There is too much politics involved in the making money of it!"

Ryan says his main inspiration is Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, as for him Trent's sound remains as fresh as it did when it was first released.

"From a producing point of view, I'm quite influenced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as he, in the 90’s, fused electronic and traditional sounds.

"Not that it was something new but he did it in a way that showed he had a good sense of judgement.

"And now looking back at that album which at over 10 years old it doesn't sound dated"

Rival Consoles

An Individual

Ryan's method towards making an album is perhaps as individual as his sounds. Taking out the pressure Ryan allows his creativity to takeover.

"I prefer not to think 'Right I'm actually going to make an album'

"I'd rather just make loads of music and then to sort through it and think 'oh this works', discard things are aren't working and make things better than need to be made better."

"I think that is a much better process to make music. Rather than piling on the pressure… it doesn't seem very practical to me to do that."

In Leicester there are very few artists like Ryan and because of this he has often had to play with bands that do not directly fit with his style.

However Ryan believes that this can add variety to a night.

"In the past I've played with bands rather than electronic artists and that’s unusual!

"But personally if I was there I and I saw an electronic artist, I would like that because it would cut musically and stylistically through the night.

"Sometimes it is nice to have a complete change of style!"

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You are in: Leicester > Blast > Rival Consoles

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