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13 November 2014

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Mina Mistry signing up

Mina signs up!

Flab Mob

Leicester City Council are encouraging local people to step up and take their 3x30 Pledge to get fabulously fit! Listen to the flash mob launch and find out how to sign up.

One in four people in Leicester are obese. One in three smokes. Only one in four eat healthily.

It's these worrying facts that have sparked the City Council to get Leicester moving and grooving to shift the flab.

At 12:00 on Wednesday 08 July the area around the Clock Tower sprung to life when a dancing flash mob sprang out of the crowds, launching the fitness campaign.

Flash mob in Leicester city centre

The flash mob in action

Listen: Flash Mob Fitness

BBC Leicester's not-quite-flabby reporter Tim Parker went along to the event to find out what it was all about and if local residents would take note…

Leicester City Council are looking at getting city dwellers to commit to three, 30 minute sessions of exercise every week, to tackle the problems with our health.

Paul Nixon, Captain of Leicestershire County Cricket Club, is strongly behind the scheme and says people shouldn't think of it as a chore:

"It's about having fun. It's not about going to the gym, having gruelling sessions day in and day out.

"It's about going for a nice walk in Bradgate Park, and Abbey Park. Come and be involved with some great activities."

"I've danced for ages now and it's really enjoyable. It does keep me fit. I dance quite a lot a week and it is really good exercise."

Shelby from Braunstone

Swap the Car

Councillor Andy Connelly, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, added that making the pledge may "simply be about people making the decision that three times a week they're going to either cycle or walk to work, instead of coming in the car."

Andy said he included himself within the bracket of Leicester’s unfit, "If you look at me you can see I need to join up!"

After a nifty demonstration of their dancing skills, volunteers walked around the Clock Tower encouraging people to sign up and make their healthy pledge.

Shelby from Braunstone dances with local group Essential Rejuvenation, and said a number of shoppers had taken an interest in learning to share her enthusiasm for exercise:

"I love it. I've danced for ages now and it's really enjoyable. It does keep me fit. I dance quite a lot a week and it is really good exercise."

Raj and Mina Mistry sign up

Raj and Mina Mistry sign up

Sign Up!

Leicester City Council successfully managed to sign up 66 people within the first hour of the project's launch.

Two such people enrolling were Raj and Mina Mistry. Mina admitted she is a bit of a runner already, but wasn't surprised that many Leicester residents weren't quite as energetic:

"I was walking around town today and I did see quite a few fat people - if I could say that!"

You can find out more about getting fit and sign up for the 3x30 Pledge by visiting Leicester City Council website...

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You are in: Leicester > People > Your Stories > Flab Mob

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