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13 November 2014

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Single record

The Rarest Record?

One of the rarest vinyl records in the world has been sold by a Leicestershire based company for a record-breaking price.

There are only two known copies of the unreleased 45rpm record 'Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)' by soul artist Frank Wilson left worldwide - and one of them is about to go to auction.

The Tamla Motown single last changed hands in 1997 for the then-staggering sum of £15,000. Now 12 years on it's expected to become the most expensive record ever auctioned.

The record currently belongs to DJ and record collector Kenny Burrell, but is being sold by premier rare record seller John Manship from Waltham on the Wolds through his web-based company.

The rare Frank Wilson record

The rare record

Listen: Record Sold!

An online auction bid of the vinyl single has been sold for twenty thousand pounds.

The signed single is said to be pristine condition and has become the most expensive record of all time.

John Manship told BBC Leicester's Ben Jackson music collectors regard this copy as the one to have....

"We more or less know this will not go for under 25,000, but it could go for a whole lot more."

John Manship, record dealer

Listen: What's It All About?

BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth spoke to John about the record's significance and his personal love of soul...

The single, which has the track 'Sweeter As The Days Go By' as its B side, was recorded in 1965.

It had originally been intended for release until the founder of the Motown Berry Gordy decided that Frank Wilson would be better suited to a background position at the label.

The unreleased records got filed away into an archive and reappeared separately much later - one in the 1970s, the other in the 90s.

The single is extremely rare and sits in a very popular field of music, as John commented:

"It's probably the worlds most wanted 45, because there's so many people who collect Northern Soul."

Record player

Pricing Up

In this case the scarcity of the record and the fact that since the 1990s it has featured Frank Wilson's autograph may lead to even wider interest:

"I think because this record could easily go outside the soul collector market and go into and investment market of a record collector, I think it being signed by the artist is a plus."

John feels that the rarity of the single creates a "massively gray area" in terms of value and for this reason it is essential that it is sold via an online auction rather than as a private sale:

"[The owner's] had some good offers privately and we've had good offers to let it go privately, but you just can't."

"We more or less know this will not go for under 25,000, but it could go for a whole lot more."

The auction will open on Thursday 02 April 2009 and close on Thursday 30th April as a live conclusion.

Record player needle

The Record Dealer

John first became hooked on Motown and soul under the influence of his musically orientated Mod brother.

He started collected vinyl at the age of 15 or 16, spending most of his time in Leicester's record shops whilst attending South Fields College.

Now his company holds a stock of an estimated half a million records, and business is as strong as ever despite the recession:

"It's fantastic. We have no problems at all; because it's a weak pound and the internet.

"The internet has changed everything, It's absolutely ideal for any collectable. You can go on the internet now and whatever you collect, it doesn't matter whether it's records or teddy bears, you can find them."

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You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > BBC Introducing > Local Music Scene > The Rarest Record?

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