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13 November 2014

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School Report

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School Report 2009 logo

School Report 2009

Youngsters across Leicester and Leicestershire made their own news reports on Thursday 26 March 2009. You can watch or listen to their reports by clicking on the links below.

Students from nine schools across our county became BBC School Reporters on 26 March 2009 and make the news for real.

Watch or Listen

Eleven to 14 year-olds from Babington Technology College, Belvior High School, Burleigh College, Hamilton College, Leicester Montessori Grammar School, Redmoor High School, Samworth Academy, Shepshed High School and Welland Park College will join hundreds of other schools around the UK to make news reports.
Talented pupils, who have been working with BBC, will bring you exclusive news of events happening in the school, in the community across the UK and around the world.

You can watch or listen to their reports here from 16:00 on the day...

School Children interviewing

Listen: Shepshed High School

BBC Leicester's Julie Mayer visited Shepshed High School on the morning of School Report day...

Later in the day they checked back in with BBC Leicester's Ed Stagg. Find out how successful they were...

The students are keen to be recognised for all their hard work so have covered a colourful spectrum of topics in their reports.

Researcher Lydia said, "We've got to have a good selection - quirky, serious, all the range."

Pupil Sam interviewed local sporting celebrity Willy Thorne about the "new age of snooker", and another student looked at the school's links with Ethiopia after being given a £10,000 grant.

Year 8 teacher Fran Hutchinson said, "I've been amazed at how good they've been and how innovative researching for stories.

"They've found some amazing stories - they've worked really hard on crafting the stories and that's a really good skill. And their interviewing techniques have got better and better."

"It's lovely to see a smile on their faces for something they enjoy doing."

Louise Rogerson, teacher, Redmoor High School

Listen: Redmoor High School

Three children from Redmoor High School in Hinckley and their teacher Louise Rogerson spoke to BBC Leicester's Ben Jackson about their reports...

The students covered a range of different topics including bullying, a dance festival, and new school facilities.

One of the pupils, Courtney said she would now like to be a journalist in the future, "You can really get into it and find out a lot of information".

Louise said School Report had been a lot of hard work, but great fun for all involved, "It's lovely to see a smile on their faces for something they enjoy doing."


Listen: Leicester Montessori Grammar School

BBC Leicester's Ben Jackson visited Leicester Montessori Grammar School to speak to children and teachers ahead of the day...

One teacher said, "They found it difficult to start of with because I think they were unaware of what could actually be news, but as long as they've got something that's current and is interesting to them and their target audience, then they've really just gone for it."

The students were free to research and broadcast stories that really meant something to them.

Zara, one of the young reporters said, "I feel really strongly about animal cruelty, such horrible things are happening to animals everywhere, so I thought I should really focus on animal cruelty to give it a wider audience."

Another pupil Ashton said, "I started using laptops when I started doing the news topic and I felt that I worked harder and I enjoyed it more. So I thought why not use this as my news story - using laptops in schools."

The teachers have felt that so far everything has been a great success, "They've all just worked so hard and the focus has been amazing.

"They've really gotten into it and they're so enthusiastic and I'm just really looking forward to doing the actual news day."

And the final verdict on School Report from Montessori students?

"It's better than Shakespeare!"

Practice Day

On Friday 20 March 2009 the news team at Shepshed High School in Leicestershire had a practice day for the real thing. 

Many of the students found it was very stressful and the vast majority of the class said that they would not choose to do it again! One student from the school explains what it was like;

"It was very stressful and hard work, we had only five hours to get everything ready and to go live, it seems a long time, but when you are there doing the work and sorting everything out, the time flies by, and then you realise that you only have a little time left."

"I cannot believe that I could speak to students in America on such an important day for all the world. "

Leonie, 13, Hamilton College

Inauguration of Obama

In January, students from Hamilton Community College in Leicester took part in a dress rehearsal for the News Day on 26 March 2009.

The pupils had been working on their story about the inauguration of Barack Obama all week. Their highlight has been speaking directly to American students in Washington during the historic event.

Leonie, 13, said: "I cannot believe that I could speak to students in America on such an important day for all the world.

"The students did not get much sleep last night and it has been a long journey for them. I would travel to the moon and back to have seen this day.

"I am so lucky to have spoken to someone who was there it is something I will always remember."

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You are in: Leicester > School Report > School Report 2009

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