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13 November 2014

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Comic Relief

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Comic Relief 2009

How Your Money Helps

Find out how Comic Relief cash is helping New Futures Project in Leicester, which provides facilities for victims of sexual exploitation.

"Everyone deserves a chance. Your money does count. Every penny makes such a big, big difference."

Wendy Simpson, Senior Project Worker

Comic Relief is all about trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people living in abject poverty, or facing terrible injustice, both across Africa, the UK - and right here in Leicester.

The New Futures Project, based in the city, aims to give support to victims of sexual exploitation.

Last year the charitable organisation received a substantial amount of money as a result of Comic Relief money donated by you.

Listen: How Your Money Helps

BBC Leicester's Samantha Appleby visited the facility and spoke to Senior Project Worker Wendy Simpson to find out how your money has helped...

Wendy says they see people from all walks of live come through their doors.

Young people often are referred by children's homes, but she was keen to stress this is not always the rule:

"It doesn't mean they're bad parents. They love their children, they've done their best; but just sometimes life throws things at us we're not prepared for and it throws us all off guard.

"Children are vunerable. Children don't always cope and that's when we end up seeing them."

A man and woman under a bridge

Towards a Positive Future

The centre now has improved technology that allows for tight security for visitors and staff in the female-only building.

Women are provided with a range of resources by New Futures. The site offer showers, clean clothes, home-made cooking, washing machines, entertainment, access to hostels - and crucially, someone to talk to.

Wendy says it is brilliant to see people really move on and make good positive progress in their life:

"They're fantastic. They have coping skills beyond belief because I don't think there's many of us that could live in hour within their shoes let alone a lifetime.

"How they manage, how they cope and survive, is just amazing. It shows just what strength these women have.

"If they can turn them strengths other ways it would change their life, and that's what we're here to do."

The money raised through Comic Relief has been so important to the development and continuation of The New Futures Project here in Leicester:

"Everyone deserves a chance. Your money does count. Every penny makes such a big, big difference. Please do something good for Comic Relief and lets support our community."

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You are in: Leicester > Comic Relief > How Your Money Helps

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