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13 November 2014

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BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani on her tank challenge

Rupal's Challenges

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani has attempted to complete a range of challenges. From unusual jobs, to new languages, to bizarre hobbies! Listen to challenges on her archive page...

Every Monday BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani is set a challenge by one of her Lunchtime Show guests that she must complete by the end of the week.

She's tried a vast variety of different skills, jobs, hobbies and stunts - amongst them sign-language, knitting, ballroom dancing, applying make-up, and learning to swim.

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani driving a tank with her instructor on her tank challenge

Listen: TankMania

Have you ever wanted to drive military vehicles - plough through mud, power up hills, take humps, bumps, dips and pits?

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani takes on the challenge to drive a tank!

Les Clayton runs TankMania based in Measham in Leicestershire and set the challenge...

Rupal Rajani

Listen: Clay Pigeon Shooting

What happens when you put a riffle in Rupal's hand and expect her to learn clay pigeon shooting?

Well we thought we'd find out!

Rose Thomas, general manager at the Kibworth Shooting Ground, has decided to take Rupal on as a willing pupil to learn some basic shooting skills.

The centre have never yet had someone score zero on the shooting range... will Rupal be the first or will she astound everyone with her marksmanship?

Listen to how she's been getting on...

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani takes on bee keeping

Listen: The Bee Challenge

They have six legs, two eyes, two wings, a nectar pouch, and a stomach.

Their wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making a distinctive buzz and they are the only insect that produces food eaten by man.

The Honeybee!

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani's has been challenged to join Derek Glover from the Leicestershire and Rutland Bee Keepers Association in Walton.

Dressed up from top to toe, Rupal found the process of bee's making honey fascinating to watch first hand.

Take a look at the pictures and listen to her interviews...

Volunteering at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Listen: Volunteering Challenge

What does it take to be a good volunteer?

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani's been challenged to give some of her time to volunteer at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

There she met the lovely Anita Hornsby who is the project manager for the WRVS at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. She runs the four outlets at the hospital.

Marlene Cant is also a volunteer for the WRVS. She's based as the flower shop in the LRI and has offered her services for 17 years.

The shop not only sell flowers, but helium balloons and cuddly toys too. But Marlene was keen for her to make a bouquet to sell in the shop, so she got stuck in.

Listen to how Rupal has been getting on...

If you have a few hours spare and might be interested in volunteering then contact the WRVS on 0116 258 5354 or visit

Rupal Rajnai with a first aid model and a First Responder

Listen: First Aid

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani will be trying to complete a challenge that could save a life.

She'll be undertaking a training scheme coordinated by the British Heart foundation, which will teach her basic skills for an emergency heart failure situation.

Dale Moran is a paramedic with the East Midlands Service, but in his spare time he's also a first responder in the Coalville area.

A first responder is a volunteer, who offers their services and skills to life threatening situations and minor ailments whilst the casualty is awaiting help from an ambulance.

They offer a free two hour course, which enables you and me to learn how to save lives in your local community.

Dave Poulton from the Ibstock and Heather Community First Responder Scheme told Rupal a little bit more, spoke to her about how to perform CPR and then finally the challenge itself. Listen to how she got on...

Rupal's finished sushi

The finished product!

Listen: Making Sushi

Rupal's tried her hand at many a diverse cuisine in her time, but when she was contacted via our online form at the bottom of this page she knew this was a new challenge.

This week she will be learning all about sushi and having a go at making some herself.

Rupal will attempt to complete this week's task with a little help from Simon Ashton, Head Chef at Yo Sushi...

Monica Winfield inside a giant plant!

Monica's been eaten!

Listen: Little Shop Of Horrors

With Rupal on holiday BBC Leicester's Monica Winfield has stepped into her shoes this week to take a dramatic challenge.

Between Thursday 25 June and Saturday 04 July, The Little Theatre in Leicester will be home to a production of funky musical 'Little Shop Of Horrors'.

The plot is based around an exotic plant which turns into a carnivorous, mean, green intruder from outer space.

It's this delightful character that Monica will learn how to operate - lets hope she doesn't loose any fingers!

Find out more about Monica's challenge for the week...

A gourmet meal

Listen: Cooking

Rupal was joined by Aatin and Paul from Maiyango... So what challenge was set? Can you guess?

Rupal was recently challenged to set a luxurious table with the help of the butler from Belvoir Castle.

So keeping with the catering industry, Rupal has now been challenged to prepare a gourmet meal at one of the restaurants in town.

Rupal has been really doing her homework, she has already been out to a local farm to pick some fresh ingredients and she's been to Maiyango to watch the chef Phil show her how to make the dish that Rupal will be making on Friday.

Listen to how she's been getting on...

Belvior Castle's Butler Paul Horton with BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani on the Butler Challenge

Listen: Butler

Rupal's challenge involves a combination of roles, varying from head waiter, chef, valet, chauffeur to personal assistant.  

She headed off to Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire to meet Paul Horton, who's volunteered to help a nervous Rupal with her challenge.

Rupal is told, by Paul, exactly what he is expecting from her... Will she learn how to set a table with the help of the butler from a well-known castle...

Rupal with the kids from STARS!

Rupal with the kids from STARS!

Listen: The Singing Challenge

Do you like watching programmes like the X Factor and seeing the likes of Leonna Lewis and Alexandra do well?

Well, this week BBC Radio Leicester's Rupal Rajani has been set a challenge she just couldn't refuse.

Su Tucker is a singing coach and part of a company called STARS! She'll be teaching Rupal how to sing...

Rupal's Easter egg

Listen: The Easter Egg Challenge

Tom Phillips is a chocolatier and wedding cake specialist and owns Hannah's Sugarcraft in Quorn, Leicestershire, which has been going for more than a decade!

Tom has helped BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani with a previous challenge and plans to get his own back on her after she beat him last year, by making a new flavour chocolate.

Rupal has now been challenged to make and decorate a chocolate Easter egg to act as a centre piece. Tom will also make one for comparison...

Monica Winfield with a pair of socks

Listen: Monica Designs a Sock

This week Rupal's got the week off, so her presenting shoes are being filled by BBC Leicester's Monica Winfield.

She's been set the challenge by Paul Kettle from Hinckley company H. J. Hall Socks to get creative with socks!

The company is currently putting together it's latest Autumn/Winter collection and there's a chance Monica's design could make it to the market.

Find out more about the process, how Monica is getting on, plus why one famous name from Dragon's Den is investing in wooly socks...

Rupal's Lace Snake Bookmark

Listen: Lace Making Challenge

Rupal will be learning how to make a lace wiggly snake bookmark.

This will all be under the tuition Jackie Brice from the Leicestershire Bobbin Lace Guild, who has been making lace for over 30 years.

Bobbin lace is made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread, which are wound on bobbins attached to a pillow - in a similar style to weaving.

If Rupal successfully completes the task then her work will be put on display at a Leicestershire lace exhibition.

How did Rupal get on with her challenge to make a snake bookmark...

Alison Prince and Rupal Rajani

Listen: Bra Making Challenge

They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Wired or underwired, lacy, cotton or silk -  you name it!

This week Rupal was set the challenge to make her own bra from scratch by De Montfort University tutor Alison Prince.

Find out how Rupal got on by clicking on the audio link below and browsing the photo gallery...

Rupal Rajani and David Cox

Listen: Chimney Sweeping

To tie in with BBC Leicester's coverage of the 25th anniversary of the Miners Strike, Rupal decided to try out the traditional occupation of chimney sweeping.

With Mary Poppins in mind, she hooked up with local sweep David Cox who showed her the ropes (and brushes) of the trade.

Listen to how she got on when confronted with a real paying customers chimney, set in a room with a rather clean cream carpet...

Rupal Rajani

Listen: A Blind Challenge

BBC Leicester's Rupal Rajani is no stranger to a challenge, but living without one of her senses was a whole knew experience to her.

Local charity Vista provide support to blind and partially sighted people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

With Jennifer Hague's help, Rupal took on a number of daily tasks to see how they differed if her sight was impaired.

Listen to Rupal's attempts below plus read the full story...

Rupal Rajani

Listen: Bellydancing Challenge

Rupal really wasn't happy when she was set the challenge of learning an Egyptian bellydance routine.

Tutor Katerina didn't receive the warmest of welcomes, but despite this she finally convinced her reluctant student to take to the dance floor.

Along with a group of other local ladies Rupal managed to impressively overcome her doubt and shimmy her way to success.

Listen as Rupal chats to Katerina about the dreaded challenge...

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