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13 November 2014

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Fred Bowers breakdancing

Grand Master Fred

Fred Bowers is a Loughborough pensioner who has an unusual talent that has made him a legend in the town. Now he's hoping his breakdancing will win him a place on Britain's Got Talent.

A number of older people enjoy attending social dances, where they take to the floor with ballroom, Latin American, tap or even line-dancing routines.

However for one Loughborough pensioner this just wasn't enough to get his creative juices flowing.

Instead 73 year-old Fred Bowers, aka Grand Master Fred, decided to try out something a little more like an extreme sport than a gentle leisure pursuit.

Fred Bowers

Listen: Interview with Fred Bowers

BBC Leicester's Pete Wardman spoke to Fred Bowers about his unusual talent and living retired life to the full...

Fred had always known he could dance but found ballroom not quite to his taste.

So he set out to teach himself the art of breakdance, and now it has taken over his life.

Now Fred is a popular figure in Loughborough nightclubs, fully supported by a large group of friends and his grandson.

He said, "It's something different and this is why people love it."

Fred breakdancing

You Only Live Once

Of course breakdancing isn't the most gentle pastime, particularly if you're an older gentleman:

"There is a risk but if you stick to your tempo and timing, because that's what it's all about, there's no risk at all.

"But if you loose one beat, especially with a dangerous move, you will damage yourself."

Fred has recently become involved with the new Britain's Got Talent television series, but couldn't tell BBC Leicester much about the recordings - it's all top secret!

So what advice does Grand Master Fred have for other potential stars out there?

"We've all got talent, but you have to find out what that talent is - and then you do it. Just give it a go - you only live once."

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created: 12/02/2009

You are in: Leicester > People > Your Stories > Grand Master Fred

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