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13 November 2014

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Dog rescued in Leicestershire

A dog now called Gracie

A dog was found tied to the gates of a Leicestershire zoo. She was half-starved and suffered from hypothermia. Now her carers are hoping she makes a full recovery and finds a new home. Hear the story of unwanted Gracie.

A dog was found tied to the gates of a Leicestershire zoo having survived a night in sub-zero temperatures.

The female Rottweiler was abandoned at Twycross Zoo, on New Year's Eve. She was rescued the next morning.

A dog warden from Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council took the dog to the Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid centre, in Huncote, where she's now cared for.

Staff there have named her Gracie. She was suffering from hypothermia, was underweight and very scared when she was found.

The abandoned pet had no identification on her.

Linda Carlton is the Kennel Supervisor at Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid. She spoke to BBC Leicester's Julie Mayer about Gracie.

"It's a surprise she didn't die"

Linda Carlton, Kennel Supervisor

Listen: Unwanted pet

Linda says the conditions Gracie was found in were terrible.

She says: "It was about –4C that night and she had nothing to stand on to keep her off the ground.

"I can't believe someone would leave her in such a way. She was near to collapse when she was found and her gums were white, which meant she was hypothermic.

"She's quite thin and got a few scars on her face. She was so weak at first."

Linda told Julie she was very pale when she first came in and was very tired and lethargic.

"She was so tired she literally slept for two days. It's really awful. If people don't want their dogs they could at least sort somewhere for them to go, rather than tie them to a gate in those temperatures. It's just terrible.

Linda adds: "It's a surprise she didn't die. She's around five-years old. We've called her Gracie. Little, gentle Gracie.

"She's black and tan that's dark. She's quite small for a Rottweiler.  She's only 27 kilos, which is small for her breed but the vets are happy with her condition now."

Dogs c/o RSPCA video grab/PA Wire.

Abandoned pets

Slow recovery

Gracie had fleas and scabs round her back when she was came in but now nearly a week on her condition has improved.

Linda adds she hadn't been really well cared for but she's showing signs of being content:

"She's really nice and warm and happy. It's a shame she had to go through that to get to this."

Gracie has responded well to the treatment and staff hope they might find a permanent home for her.

If anyone recognises her, the centre can be contacted on 01455 888257.

All calls will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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You are in: Leicester > People > Your Stories > A dog now called Gracie

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