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13 November 2014

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Credit Crunch

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Money in a wallet

Beat the Bills

BBC Leicester's Mike O'Sullivan explores at how YOU can save money as part of our Beat the Bills series. Listen and watch the reports...

With the credit crunch affecting every aspect of our lives - higher fuel bills and prices rising for everyday items - we're all trying to find ways of saving money.

BBC Leicester looks at different ways you can cut costs as part of our Beat the Bills series.

Insulation in the home

You could insulate your home?

Home Insulation

Are you entitled to insulation to keep your house warm?

A Leicester firm says demand for home insulation has hit an all-time high as people try to cut their rising heating bills. 

The Mark Group based at Beaumont Leys says people booking wall cavity and loft insulation could have to wait months for the job to be completed. 

But it seems there are STILL people who don't realise there are grants available to help pay the costs. 

BBC Leicester's Consumer Affairs Correspondent, Mike O'Sullivan reports on home insulation...

The Regional Energy Advice Centre, telephone number 0800 512012, is run by the energy saving trust. They'll point you in the right direction as far as getting an insulation grant is concerned. 

Petrol pump

Eco-Safe Driving

Saving fuel is important to us all it seems, but how can you cut costs in our cars?

In these days of uncertain fuel prices one way you can drive down the cost of motoring is through eco-safe driving techniques.

Eco-safe driving is a way of driving, supported by the Driving Standards Agency. 

It's meant to cut your fuel bills and also reduce wear and tear on your motor. 

Mike's been out on the road in Leicester with an advanced driving instructor...

Various fruits

Healthy Eating On A Budget

When the credit crunch is on the menu, can you still eat healthily? A nutritional expert from Leicester says YES!

A Cook and Eat course in Braunstone aims to educate local people about ways to cook nutritional meals on a budget.

Sue Richards is the leader of the course and she says the current economic situation has made eating healthily even more difficult for people with low incomes...

Sue believes that the main obstacle to eating healthy in less well-off areas is a lack of education about how to eat a balanced diet.

After they've learnt about their five-a-day and foods that provide good sources of protein, Sue teaches them tips about getting the right foods but at a low cost.

One of the people who has been on the Cook and Eat course is Julia Green.

She's a housewife from Leicester who's married with two young children, and her mother-in-law also lives with them.

The household income has recently gone down since Julia had to give up work to care for one of their children who is autistic.

She says that the course has taught her to change her shopping habits...

Stay logged on for more Beat the Bills reports...

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You are in: Leicester > Credit Crunch > Beat the Bills

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