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13 November 2014

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Can broccoli stop cancer from spreading?

Broccoli Juice from Braunstone

A Leicester man with bladder cancer says his daily glass of broccoli juice is helping to prevent his cancer from spreading. Ray Wiseman says that Cancer Research UK is now planning to look into the benefits of broccoli.

Ray Wiseman from Braunstone in Leicester was diagnosed with bladder cancer five and half years ago.

He's 79 years old and the prognosis wasn't good. But then a friend of he and his wife, Joan, suggested that they should buy a juicing machine.

She told Ray that he should drink a glass of broccoli juice once a day, as it would help build up the immunity in his bladder.

Listen: Broccoli Juice from Braunstone

BBC Leicester's Bridget Blair went to meet Ray and Joan Wiseman at their home...

Broccoli juice isn't proven to help stop bladder cancer from spreading, but Ray believes it is doing him some good:

"You've got to, haven't you really? I've survived five years, I could have died ages ago.

"I'm getting on, I'm nearly 80. I'm happy with life."

Ray and Joan wrote to The Daily Mail with the idea of telling other people about the positive effects of broccoli juice.

Ray and Joan Wiseman

Ray and Joan Wiseman

They weren't expecting the media frenzy it spawned, with interviews on radio and television and in national newspapers.

Joan says they're a little old to cope with all the photo shoots and interviews, but it'll be worth it if other people can be helped:

"If all through this any people can become more aware of it, it will all have been worthwhile.

"I would love to think that if anybody else could benefit from this, this would be marvellous.

"By all accounts Cancer [Research] UK are going to get in touch with us, wondering if what we tell them about the recipe and everything would be of any use to their cancer sufferers."

But is there any evidence behind the broccoli juice?

Listen: Interview with Professor Andy Gescher

BBC Leicester's Chris Baxter spoke to Professor Andy Gescher from the University of Leicester...

Professor Gescher is investigating naturally occurring chemicals and their role in preventing cancer.

He says it could be true that broccoli juice has helped slow down Ray's cancer, but there is no scientific proof that broccoli can help existing cancers yet.

However a connection between cancer and broccoli has been discussed before:

"For broccoli, it has long been suggested that certain constituents...that they may prevent cancer. That has been shown in animal experiments."

Listen: Chris tries some broccoli juice

Chris Baxter and Breakfast show producer Kay Wright made some broccoli juice and gave it a try - listen to how they got on:


For about 5 days supply of broccoli juice, you need:

500mg broccoli
2 carrots
1 apple and a few drops of lemon juice.

Wash the fruit and vegetables and put them in a juicer. Pour the juice into a bottle, add the lemon juice and put it in the fridge.

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created: 23/07/2008

You are in: Leicester > People > Your Stories > Broccoli Juice from Braunstone

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