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24 September 2014

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Sooty and Richard Caddell at BBC Leicester

Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy!

The famous and well-loved glove puppet, Sooty, has been bought by Leicester man, Richard Cadell. Richard took over the Sooty show from Matthew Corbett in the late 1990s, and Matthew says he's pleased Sooty is in good hands.

Richard Cadell has formally adopted Sooty and his friends, Sweep and Soo, from Bridgefilms.

They were sold to the television company by the Corbett family when Matthew retired, but now Richard has bought them, and is planning a new television programme for the nation's best-loved glove puppets.

Listen: Interview with Richard Cadell, Matthew Corbett, Sooty and Sweep

BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth had the most coveted job in broadcasting, and spoke to Richard Cadell and Sooty live in the studio, and to Matthew Corbett and Sweep on the phone...

Harry Corbett presented The Sooty Show for 25 years and then his son, Matthew, ran it for another 25.

Sooty, Richard and Tony Wadsworth

Tony's reunited with two old friends

Richard paid tribute to Matthew's achievement:

"When you talk about the longevity of Sooty, you look at how it survived, Matthew really was in my opinion the key to this because he kept it modern, he always kept it relevant and that's why Sooty is still here."

Richard appeared on The Sooty Christmas Show with Matthew in the 1980s, and went on to present it when Matthew stepped down.

"He has to be loved"

Matthew says he couldn't be happier that Sooty has now been passed onto Richard:

"I have to say congratulations Richard, Sooty couldn't be in or on better hands... I really am thrilled because he's gone through a strange period, hasn't he Sooty.

Chris Brindley, Sooty and Katharine Sutton

Sooty meets other BBC Leicester fans

"I sold him 10 years ago and I sold him to a corporate venture, and I think that really has been the problem with Sooty.

"He has to be loved by an individual, by a family, like the Corbett family or hopefully now the Cadell family. It's got to have that personal touch."

Richard says he does have that special bond with Sooty, and is ready to take on the mantle:

"Obviously working as the presenter of Sooty was always great fun, but now we actually own all those rights, and own the Sooty family. Now it's a much bigger responsibility."

Where's that water pistol?

Sooty brought along his magic wand and xylophone to BBC Leicester, but he didn't bring his other famous possession...his water pistol!

Richard and Sooty will be back in Leicester in February 2009 though for a special show, so Tony Wadsworth better watch out!

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created: 27/06/2008

You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Theatre and Arts > Features > Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy!

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