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24 September 2014

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Credit Crunch

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Two one pound coins

Make Do and Mend

BBC Leicester held a 'Make Do and Mend Day' to give us all the chance to share tips on making and saving cash! Listeners from all over the county sent in suggestions and BBC Leicester's Chris Baxter has done a round up of the best ones...

The credit crunch is affecting us all - from the cost of the petrol we put in our cars to the price of a loaf of bread.

So what can you do to minimise the impact the troubled economy has on your pocket?

Here are some top tips, as recommended by BBC Radio Leicester listeners...


Sandra in Coleorton:

"I've found a website that gives alternative numbers to the expensive 0870 and 0845 phone numbers.

"Calls can be quite expensive after listening to recorded music for 10 minutes! On the odd occasion that a number isn't listed, I've found a number by other means I've added them to the site."

The site is

Debbie from Barwell:

"My mother had to have some new glasses, because she gets pension credit she got £50 taken off the cost.

"When the Department for Work and Pensions sends you all the bumph it pays to read it, while you're munching on your homemade bread smothered in homemade jam".

Other top tips

Other suggestions include cutting down on posh takeaway coffee, making it a treat rather than a daily dose!

Stop buying sandwiches every day for lunch and make yourself a tasty pack-up instead. Try the supermarket own brands or basic ranges.

Cancel your gym membership and use the great outdoors!

Expert advice

Alan, a debt advisor from Loughborough, says we should all try the 'pie and pint' rule:

Pint of beer

A pint without a pie...

"When you go out for the evening, only take enough money to buy a pint and a pie [some food].

"Perhaps enough to buy a drink for a friend, but no more than that. If you go out with £30–40 in your pocket – you'll probably spend it!"

He also recommends credit unions:

"Doorstep lenders will charge you 365% APR (or more). Get a loan from your local Credit Union (Clockwise, in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland).

"They'll only charge 26.8% APR and are there to help you. On a £300 loan over 31 weeks you would save £142.

"Now that is some saving!"

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created: 21/04/2008

You are in: Leicester > Credit Crunch > Make Do and Mend

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