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24 September 2014

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Credit Crunch

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Party at Loughborough University Student Union

Student Expenses

Third year Loughborough University student Laura talks about the monetary exploits of a student's night out. How cheap or expensive is it for a student to go out on the town? And will the credit crunch put even more pressure on the student purse?

After three years at university the magnetic strip on my bank card is thin and wavering.

By the time I graduate this summer I will have accumulated an estimated student debt of £10,000. Unfortunately, I cannot attribute this debt to annual subscriptions to literary journals or recurrent trips to the union bookshop.

"A night out in this hub of social promiscuity boasts the bravado of the sports stars and the boldness of maths students..."

Laura Scarrott, University Student

The Student Life

Instead, without an ounce of regret, but perhaps a sigh of realisation, I proclaim this figure to be demonstrative of the cost of living the quintessential student life. 

In Loughborough Student's Union, the pinnacle of all Loughborough students' experience, the socially inept are few and far between. 

A night out in this hub of social promiscuity boasts the bravado of the sports stars and the boldness of maths students marinading in their spilt pint of nasty. 

Students at the Pub Golf Fancy Dress night

The Dress Code

Although students have been stereotyped by their occasional slobbish exterior, flip-flops in winter and slogan laced hoodies that denote club affiliation, a night in the union demands a strict dress code. 

Preparation for Wednesday night involves perusing the rails of the local charity shop or fancy dress store in the hope of discovering something that will render you a golfer fresh from the putting green or else a smurf for the evening. 

Last Wednesday's accessories, including face paint and a child's tu-tu, cost me around £15.

Loughborough University

More Expenses

A cab to the union is always preferable when considering the effects of the blustery winter weather on freshly preened barnets; coupled with the fact that we are all dressed in clothes reminiscent of a hot summer's day. 

A cab to the union costs £1 divided amongst friends and the return cab, needed after five hours dancing on blistered feet, cost me £2.50. 

Entry to the union was also £2.50 whilst the cloakroom set me back £1. On a Wednesday night the union is famed for its pound drink offers and so the night's expenditure peaked at a mere £10.


Freebie Pizza

Arriving back at the student abode hungry and weary to discover that my food cupboard had morphed into a vast expanse of emptiness, the local Pizzeria arrives delivering a stupendous offer of buy one get one free for £7.50. 

This purchase is the only one of the night to serve me well in the long term, my fancy dress outfit now resembling a paper maché disaster. 

When I wake in the morning to discover my purse strings tattered and frayed, having spent £39.50 preserving my social etiquette, at least I will have my cold but nonetheless freebie pizza to console me.

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created: 12/02/2008

You are in: Leicester > Credit Crunch > Student Expenses

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