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28 October 2014

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Jason Finn and Michael Brome - Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings

Two Leicester lads aim to restore your faith in the power of love and laughter at this year's Comedy Festival. Jason Finn and Michael Brome present a blend of poetry, stories and sketches. Find out more about the comedy act!

Some people have described the two lads from Leicester as Cupid's own comic duo.

Jason aka Lil' Man Finn and Michael aka SureShot have fused together stand up, sketches, stories and performance poetry to present a unique comedy style at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2008.

BBC Leicester's Sonia Kataria caught up with the comedians who feel they can deliverer a stomach busting night and can leave the audience not only laughing but thinking too!

"Event Details: 12 and 13 February, 19:30 til late at The Quarter Bar, 41 Halford Street, Leicester. £8 (£5) Concessions, 07961 074871"

How did you first get started?

"Comedy started for us simply through friendship. The time many teens were hanging around on corners we spent in conversation making each other laugh never expecting for it to materialise into what it has now.

"The first of our circle of friends to take the next step into performing was my brother Quincy (who will be performing with us on both nights). He is now a seasoned successful artist who has accomplished much in the time since he started.

"For Random Ramblings our child hood memories and conversations seem to be our catalyst."

What do you think of the Leicester Comedy scene?

"As artists we would have to say that is a friendly tight knit community where comedians support each other and come to each other's gigs as much as possible.

"The first time I (Jason) got on the stage and did comedy in Leicester it was in response to a comic poem, which had been performed by Lorna Meehan, a local comedian and performance poet.

"However, rather then get angry at my response we ended up with a mutual respect for each other's work and she is now actually performing on the Tuesday night of our show."

Rob Gee, Leicester Comedian

Who is your favourite local comedy artist?

"There is an active, energetic and very vibrant comedy scene in Leicester, so to pick out just one comedian would be unfair.

"However, we admire and respect the work of Rob G: for his versatility in his performance. He combines stand up poetry, and song and he has been successful by himself as well as with his partner in rhyme: Scatz."

Does Leicester's diverse community help or hinder you as comedians?

"The diversity of Leicester's community inspires both of us as comedians. The main reason being is the more you interact/study the different communities within Leicester the more you realise how similar everyone is.

"Each group is unique and has its own culture, but each group is also heavily influenced by the unique spirit of the city of Leicester. We have realised that good comedy transcends racial, religious, socio-economic lines. Good comedy just makes you laugh."

Michael Brome - Random Ramblings

Does everyday life play a part in your gigs?

"As a prison officer (SureShot) this side of my life creates some very interesting scenarios, very often these situations can be turned into material.

"However, there is a more serious side to the art of comedy as very often the components of comedy can aid me in defusing potential hostile situations."

"As a teacher (Jason) I can honestly say that being a part of the community has been a massive help. Being surrounded by children all day keeps you current with the new trends, language, and youth culture as a whole.

"Therefore, when we perform I can talk knowledgeably and humorously about topics the audience would never expect me to know about, and this surprise often translates into laughter."

Micheal AKA Sureshot

Michael Brome is a prison officer at HMP Leicester. His performance alter ego is: Sureshot - a poet and comedian who has performed in the East Midlands for the last three years.

Last year he was part of the critically received Freedom Showcase as well as winning a national commission. SureShot believes he's an artist who commands the audience's attention with intense stage presence.

Jason Finn - Random Ramblings

Jason AKA Lil' Man Finn

Jason Finn is a teacher at Winstanley Community College Braunstone, but Lil Man Finn is also a poet and comedian. His emphasis is on comedy.

He has performed his unique brand of observational humour, original characters, and stories across the East Midlands for the last three year to the delight of hundreds.

He is also a compeer who has compeered shows from poetry nights to prison.

The duo's feel their best performance to date was when they performed a two man 15 men sketch to a sold out Nottingham Jongleurs and got a standing ovation.

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You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Theatre and Arts > Features > Random Ramblings

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