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24 September 2014

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Halloween Top Tips

It's time to put on your fright masks. But whether you're joining in with the ghoulish costumes and carved pumpkins or keeping behind closed doors on Halloween, keeping safe is important. Read these tips to feel at ease.

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for children, but safety still needs to come first. Here are some tips on how to keep your child safe.

"If you feel threatened or scared call 101 (the new non-emergency number) or 999."

  • Always make sure your child is accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Visit homes of friends, family and neighbours.
  • Keep to well lit streets and homes.
  • Add reflective tape to your child's costume.
  • Make sure their costume is practical and if wearing masks make sure they do not restrict their sight.
  • A touch and whistle will help them attract attention if they become lost.
  • Warn your child not to talk to strangers (in cars) offering treats.

It isn't just children who need to feel safe, the elderly and disabled become vulnerable around Halloween especially those living alone. Here are some helpful tips which will help you feel more secure.

  • If you are feeling vulnerable and insecure you do not need to open the door.
  • Look out of your window first to be sure.
  • Use door chains and spy holes.
  • If you feel threatened or scared call 101 or 999 for help.
  • If you feel to insecure on Halloween night invite somebody round to take your mind of it.
  • Be careful if there appears to be more than one person on your doorstep.
Smile please!

History Of Halloween

Each year, on the last night of October, millions of children dress-up in costume and take to the streets for a spooky dose of Trick or Treat fun.

But how much do you really know about this haunted holiday?

Halloween is dated back about 2000 years ago with the Celtic celebrations associated with the end of summer.

Trick and Treating began in the USA during the 20th Century with children dressing in disguise knocking door to door, but is also believed to have originated in the United Kingdom with Children performing in exchange for fruit or nuts.  

Surprisingly to many the pumpkin also known as the Jack-o-Lantern has a deeper purpose then being a table or doorstep decoration.

It is believed that having a Jack-o-lantern lit will help ward away any evil sprits.

Have YOU got YOUR pumpkin?

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You are in: Leicester > Features > Life > Halloween Top Tips

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