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28 October 2014

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Haunted Leicester

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Grace Dieu

Does a white lady wander here?

Paranormal Priory?

Many souls had sought salvation at Grace Dieu Priory and with mysterious occurrences becoming increasingly frequent, it could be claimed that several remain. Could sightings of a white lady be attributed to the disruption of its founder's grave?

There are numerous reports of paranormal experiences at Grace Dieu over the past 80 years.

Watch the video to find out more about Grace Dieu's ghostly goings-on...

In 1926, a horse pulling a cart stopped and began trembling before six white figures were seen to drift across the road and move into the ruins.

Bus shelter near Grace Dieu

Bus shelter near Grace Dieu

A youngster playing cricket on Grace Dieu Park in 1934 noticed a white figure moving along a nearby footpath. He watched the apparition with two of his friends as it went under a railway embankment only to disappear before they had reached the archway to look through the tunnel.

One of the most fascinating reports was made in 1954 when a bus driver stopped at the bus stop opposite the ruins to let a woman dressed in white aboard. When the doors opened, there was nobody there.

The conductor and driver both got off the bus to look for the lady but found nothing. He was not the last bus driver to be caught out as another driver slowed down to stop for a figure that vanished in 2002.

A popular explanation for the supernatural activity is that the figure is the ghost of Rose de Verdon, the founder of Grace Dieu Priory. She had been laid to rest at the Priory before being re-interred at nearby Belton Church.

Many people believe Rose's spirit was disturbed during this process and roams the ruins in the form of the white lady who, it is often reported, has no facial features or feet.

Tunnel near Grace Dieu

Did two ghostly figures roam here?

While a number of the recorded supernatural encounters involve sightings of the white lady, others involve the energy surrounding Grace Dieu.

A medium named Tarona was driving past Grace Dieu when she felt drawn to the ruins by the energy encompassing them. She reported a negative energy, having sensed betrayal, murder and the plague.

But, with so little information ever being provided from within the walls of the Priory, it is unknown whether these events Tarona sensed ever happened.

A number of unanswered questions remain about Grace Dieu. Is there really a ghost? Is Rose's spirit doomed to wander the grounds for eternity? One thing is certain, there's something spooky about Grace Dieu.

All the content on this page was produced by Claire Davies, Bethan Lewis, Nick Allen Kevin Fowler and Philip Tweddle from the New Media Publishing PGDip course at De Montfort University in Leicester.

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You are in: Leicester > Features > Haunted Leicester > Paranormal Priory?

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