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28 October 2014

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How We Built Britain

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Cranes above the Shires extension

Cranes over Leicester city centre

How We Built Leicester

How has Leicester changed in the last 40 years? What's happening to the city's skyline? Will the regeneration of the city centre benefit everyone or just the wealthy? Read on to find out about the city's architecture and How We Built Leicester...

15-24 June 2007 is National Architecture Week and to mark it, the BBC are running a series of television documentaries, radio programmes and live debates about Britain's buildings.

But what about on a local scale? Leicester is going through huge-scale regeneration and the city council are investing millions of pounds to improve Leicester for residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Roadworks on Charles Street

Digging up the city centre

1960s Leicester

The last time that Leicester city centre underwent large-scale redevelopment was approximately 40 years ago.

Before the late 1960s, Leicester was relatively low-rise, but by the end of the decade tower blocks like Epic House on Charles Street, the city council's New Walk Centre, and St Georges Tower had all sprung up.

BBC Leicester's Katharine Sutton looks at the changes that have taken place in the city since the last major phase of regeneration...

View from the Charles Wilson building

On top of the world...

Reach for the sky

How often do you actually stop and look at the buildings around you? Are you too busy to take a moment to admire the view?

Leicester's skyline has changed dramatically in recent years with the construction of the National Space Centre, the Walkers Stadium and the university extensions.

Similarly, other buildings have disappeared, like the Granby Halls that used to stand by the Leicester Tigers' rugby ground.

BBC Leicester's Katharine Sutton went to three of the city's highest points to get a good look at how Leicester's skyline has changed...

Performing Arts Centre

Work continues on the new PAC

Performing Arts Centre: gain or drain?

The new Performing Arts Centre on Rutland Street has received extensive press attention - both positive, for the innovative architecture, and negative, for the huge cost (£59million).

But what will it, and the rest of the new Cultural Quarter, really mean for people in the city and the county?

Will Leicester become a 'destination' city like Manchester or Birmingham, or will the PAC just be a huge drain on taxpayers money for years to come?

BBC Radio Leicester's Katharine Sutton went to talk to two of the people behind the plans…

Eyres Monsell Estate

Eyres Monsell Estate

Building Leicester for everyone's future?

Is Leicester being regenerated for everyone or just the wealthy? This is the question being discussed at The BIG Debate on Thursday 21 June 2007 at Leicester University.

Half of Leicester's political wards are among the bottom 10% of the most deprived wards in England, so how will the city centre developments benefit the people living there, who don't have money to spend on restaurants and theatre?

BBC Radio Leicester's Katharine Sutton spoke to people living on city estates to find out their views on the regeneration…

You can listen to The BIG Debate on 'Building Leicester for Everyone's Future?' in full here from 10:00 on Friday 22 June 2007.

last updated: 29/06/07

You are in: Leicester > How We Built Britain > How We Built Leicester

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