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28 October 2014

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Sue Townsend

From Castle to Council...

Sue Townsend is one of Leicester's most famous authors, and her new book, 'Queen Camilla', has just been published. Although Townsend's health has suffered a cruel blow recently, she says she's still creating and still writing. Read on for more...

'Queen Camilla' is set 13 years on from 'The Queen and I', which imagined a time when the monarchy is dissolved and the Royal family are forced to move to a council estate.

Now it's Camilla's turn to experience life in Hell Close, which has been turned into an Exclusion Zone and is ringed by steel fences.

Listen: Interview with Sue Townsend

BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth caught up with Sue Townsend to discuss her new book...

So how does Townsend think Camilla would cope on a council estate?

"Well they're all tagged, everybody including the Queen and Camilla, and Camilla thinks the tag actually suits her ankle - she thinks it sets it off beautifully.

"I think that's a good guess. I think Camilla would look on the very positive side, unlike Charles who is Eeyore compared to her – he's a worrier."

'Queen Camilla' by Sue Townsend

'Queen Camilla' by Sue Townsend

Townsend says that she's always been a Republican, and would support the abolition of the monarchy.

However, she doesn't know the Royal family personally, and as it's been over a decade since she first started writing about them, she admits that she does feel a certain fondness for them as she does for all of her characters.

The Adrian Mole author has had a difficult time with her health recently though, with diabetes rendering her almost blind.

Townsend also finds it difficult to walk or even stand, which means she can't leave the house on her own anymore, but she feels she's through the worst of it:

"I have recently had quite a lot of things that have come very quickly on top of each other and have restricted me…

"There's quite a lot of downside but I think I'm through the worst of feeling the self-pity.

"When you spend time in hospital…it's the oldest cliché in the world, but my God you see people who are hanging onto their life and battling away, and you meet some wonderful people in the hospital who inspire you."

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created: 31/10/2006

You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Theatre and Arts > Features > From Castle to Council...

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