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24 September 2014

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Leicestershire's Unsigned

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Digital Garden

Digital Garden

Digital Garden

Digital Garden are a six-piece local band who love the Leicester music scene. With a Prince influence and a disco obsessed guitarist, these lads are definately ones to look out for...

Who are Digital Garden?

Marc Hammil on vocals, Llew Guildford (aka The Count) and Stu Desouza on guitar, Jamie Clark on bass, Ali Lee on drums, and James Knox on synth and vocals.

"I used to play the flute in a marching band and once dressed up as a sailor!"

James of Digital Garden

Is there an interesting story behind you all meeting?

Marc: Most of the band met at school, we played in various bands from the age of 16. Our current line up was missing a bass player when I went into Glenfield Hospital. I met Jamie who worked there and during my two-week recovery I taught him to play the bass - the rest as they say is history.

Who or what are your greatest influences?

Marc: Musically it has to be Prince. Non-musically it is James, the keys player in Digital Garden.

Stuart: Musically James Dean Bradfield, and non-musically Robbie Fowler and Liverpool Football Club in general.

Llew: Disco funk, all things retro cool!

Ali: God

Jamie: Flea from the Chilli Peppers

How easy is it to get gigs in Leicestershire?

It's really easy to get gigs in Leicester, there are so many good venues the problem is trying to get people INTO your gigs.

The local scene seems to be saturated, there are so many good bands. I think most people would rather go to Zanzibar for a night out than go and see a band, so you end up relying largely on your mates to come... which is no good for us because we don't have any.

Digital Garden

Digital Garden

Who are your favourite local bands at the moment and why?

We like Proud To Have Met You, Firebrand and Fazed but our favourite at the moment has to be the Dirty Backbeats. We went to see them recently and we've never seen anything like it, it was bizarre and inspired.

Where are your favourite Leicestershire hangouts?

Firebug, and The Railway in Glenfield.

James: Zanzibar

Best gig so far?

Roasted Live at the shed, we played the first one with a couple of really good bands and the place was sold out, it was our most energetic performance I think, and the crowd and the other bands stayed there all night, it was a great atmosphere.

Worst gig?

I don't think we have ever played that badly... However we played at The Charlotte once, we were the only local band and therefore the only band that brought anyone, and lets just say I don't think the venue treats bands that are trying to establish themselves very well.

What do you do when not playing gigs or rehearsing?

We all work except Stuart who plays X Box and watches Liverpool FC on the telly. We all socialise with each other a fair bit and like going out - all normal stuff really.

Stuart: I play football a lot!

Llew: I drink.

James: I go to the gym.

Who's your biggest fan?

A lad called Daryl, he's about 20 stone.

Members of Digital Garden relaxing


Which song would you most like to cover?

Marc: We all have slightly different tastes and we've never actually covered a song but I suppose we would do Purple Rain by Prince. We don't really write many slower songs or ballads. It's a really melancholy song and one of those that you think, I wish I'd wrote that one.

What is the most embarrassing thing you've done in the name of music?

James: I used to play the flute in a marching band and once dressed up as a sailor when I was 13 for a show - oh dear!

What is your favourite piece of clothing?

Llew: I'm the only one really into clothes. I had this shiny retro jacket specially made which had the words "disco Llew" written on the back in sequins. Its not an everyday jacket, its only for special occasions.

What would you buy with £50?

Marc: Some food.

Stu: I'd give it to the rest of the band 'cos I've never paid for a practice!

Jamie: Some beer.

James: ‘Police Academy’ - the complete collection!

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You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Music > Leicestershire's Unsigned > Digital Garden

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