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24 September 2014

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Leicestershire's Unsigned

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This Leicestershire girl band say they're capable of the deep, dark and very dirty. With news that they'll be recording with Arctic Monkeys producer, Alan Smythe and a Summer Sundae apperance on the horizon we decided to find out more...

Who are Firebrand?

BJ: We are an evolving undefinable three-piece capable of the very deep, dark and the very dirty. We are trying to find a balance.

"I hate to admit it, but I tend to draw inspiration from the most turbulent times in my life as they tend to be the most passionate."

BJ from Firebrand

Sarah: We're a kind of mix between punk and hard rock with experimental quirks sprinkled over the top.  Our sound has changed dramatically since we first formed.

So how did you all meet?

Sarah: I answered an advert in the NME from a Nottingham singer looking to form an all-female band. It's what I'd always wanted to do so phoned her immediately praying to God that she hadn't found a bass player! We found it very difficult to find other female musicians … and it took a year to form the original line-up. I met BJ at University and we met Chelsea through a friend's friend's Dad!

Who or what are your greatest influences?

BJ: Kurt Cobain, Shirley Manson, Tori Amos, Mark Knopfler.

Sarah: Lyrics wise, I like Lunachicks’ Theo Kogan. Musically, I don't particularly aspire to any one bass player. I like the style of Steve Harris from Iron Maiden and Duff McKagan from GnR but I have sort of created my own unique style of playing.

Chelsea: Travis Barker. Listening to him makes me want to be half as good. One day I will be.

What do you make of Leicester’s Music Scene?

Sarah: I think it's a very healthy one. There are two prominent websites which allow us to all meet each other and have offered up plenty of gig opportunities. I've certainly made a lot of friends from other bands.

Who are your favourite local bands at the moment and why?

BJ: Cousin Scampi and Sub Rosa. I also like Hangover Heart Attack.



Sarah: Projekt Mayhem and New Generation Superstars as I love my classic rock!

Chelsea: Proud To Have Met You are great instrumentalists. To What End are my kind of music, great sound.

Where are your favourite Leicester hangouts?

BJ: Firebug.

Sarah: Firebug. I think I'm the only person who drinks the Jaegermeister they buy in! I also love The Attik. We've played there a lot they've been really supportive of us.

Chelsea: The fountains are cool on a hot sunny day.

Best gig so far?

BJ: Bristol has been great and Loughborough Student Union was cool as well.

Sarah: The Iguana Club which we played on a Friday night when we went to Italy. It was a trendy place, packed full of music fans and in the snow-capped mountains by Lake Garda.

Chelsea: Our third night in Italy. BJ was drunk, Sarah was speaking fluent German (to an Italian crowd!) and I was in hysterics all night behind the kit. I also really liked playing Bristol a few weeks ago.

And the worst?

BJ: I broke my guitar at the Original Bands Showcase this year during the set.

Sarah: The Vic in Coalville last year sometime. They put us on at three in the afternoon and there was nobody there!

Chelsea: Playing with Tokyo Dragons we had to pack up really quickly afterwards which was stressful. Then again my first gig at Jam Jar wasn't amazing, but I didn't know what to do! Bless me, I was like a little cat being attacked by all these big dogs! Your first gigs always your scariest.

Firebrand jet off

Firebrand jet off

What influenced the lyrics to your best song?

BJ: Ex'es. I hate to admit it, but I tend to draw inspiration from the most turbulent times in my life as they tend to be the most passionate. My lyrics are there as scars to what I've been through- they keep my past alive.

Sarah: My favourite lyrics are to a song I wrote about my Rock Star Alter-Ego and a fantasy lifestyle I have in my head about living the high life in Beverly Hills when I'm rich and famous. It will happen. One day!

Did you enjoy performing at Leicester Pride 2006?

BJ: Hell Yeah! Straight or bendy, they're both trendy.

Sarah: Yes, it was awesome. Thanks for putting us on, folks!

Chelsea: Amazing!

What’s been your most embarrassing music themed moment?

BJ: Being caught singing rubbish songs. Or something …

Sarah: We played at Sumo once and I was using a new guitar which I'd not set up properly and it was hideously out of tune. I didn't want people to think I was a rubbish bass player! Luckily there were only a handful of people there. That's the only trouble with playing gigs early on in the week.

Chelsea: No idea, I have them all the time!

If you could meet any singer or band (alive or dead) who would it be?

BJ: Tori Amos. She's as mad as a box of badgers.

Sarah: Aerosmith. Purely so I could salivate over Joe Perry and his six pack.

Chelsea: Travis Barker, Allison Robertson of The Donnas and Tommy Lee (how FIT is he?!)

Who's your biggest fan?

BJ: We have fans of our old stuff and fans of our new stuff. Probably Dec, from Demon FM.

Sarah: I think our most loyal fans are the old fogies in First Wave. If they're not AT one of our gigs they're ringing up the promoter trying to squeeze on the bill!

Chelsea: Emilie Statham, my friend.

Firebrand perform

Firebrand take the stage

Favourite piece of clothing?

BJ: Stuff I make myself – pink knitted dresses, backless tops …

Sarah: I love all my clothes, my wardrobe is a cross between 80s Hollywood Groupie and Bet Lynch. I think it would have to be my drainpipe leopard skin jeans.

Chelsea: My Famous Stars and Straps hoodie. It's grey with little Fs all over it. It's so big and snuggly!

Do you have a party trick?

BJ: Yes, I can tap dance the music to Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People".

Sarah: I can rap the whole of "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. I'm working on the dance moves.

Chelsea: DO I? Yes! I can do this weird cool thing with my tongue, I'll have to show you.

last updated: 03/07/07

You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Music > Leicestershire's Unsigned > Firebrand

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