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24 September 2014

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Leicestershire's Unsigned

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Aisle 13

Aisle 13

Aisle 13

When Drew, Jason and Lewis haven't got their heads down studying at college they're concentrating on their music. Meet the talented guys that make up pop-punk Leicester band, Aisle 13. Also, take a listen to some of their tracks...

Who are Aisle13?

Well Aisle 13 are three guys from college that just so happen to like the same style of music, have the same sense of humour and love playing in a band. We formed in early 2005 and since then have enjoyed every minute of being a band.

"We need bigger venues...something that would attract bigger bands so that Leicester's unsigned scene could get the chance to support some top names."

Aisle 13

So how did you all meet?

Jason: Well I met Drew a long time ago in boring French lessons and from college rumours I heard he was a brilliant guitarist. I really wanted to be in a band and I had no previous band experience but he seemed like a cool guy so I asked him and he agreed.

I found Lewis somewhere I think, I can't actually remember where! That's crazy!

Who or what are your greatest influences?

Jason: Musically, band wise, most definitely Blink 182. Their music is so catchy and their lyrics are brilliant. Even their sense of humour inspires me.

Lewis: One of my greatest influences is blink 182's Drummer Travis barker, I think he's an amazing Drummer and I spend some time every night learning his beats.

Drew: Tom DeLonge, Newfound Glory and MXPX

What do you do when you're not making music?

We generally hang out with mates and just laze around. Obviously college is fairly important so we spend time studying but besides that it depends on the mood. We like extreme sports like bmxing and skateboarding and normal sports so whatever we feel like in the day.

What do you make of the music scene in Leicester?

For the size of Leicester, I guess it holds an adequate amount of venues but we need better ones. The Attik is amazing and it has the best band atmosphere in a gig without question.

Aisle 13

We need bigger venues that allow more people in with comfort and something that would attract bigger bands so that Leicester's unsigned scene could get the chance to support some top names.

Who are your favourite local bands at the moment and why?

Jason: It's difficult to say because there are loads of bands but personal favourites are Switch Nx and Nocturnal. We are organising a mini tour with them at present and I can't wait.

Lewis: Well I do like a bit of The Dandilions, also such bands as Freefall Felix and Weeble, I tend to support most local bands.

Drew: Probably Switch NX and Freefall Felix, as they put on great shows and always get the crowds going

Favourite cheese?

Jason- Double Gloucester- it's really creamy and soft!
Lewis: Don't like cheese.
Drew: It's a tie between Red Leicester and Babybell but Red Leicester is the best for toasted sandwiches.
Jason: Yeah that is a good point. Babybell is nice!

Best gig so far?

Jason: I enjoy most gigs but I especially liked the Beauchamp Band night. There were a lot of people there and quite a few new faces. It's good to play to new audiences.

Lewis: Well my best gig was probably at the Original Bands Showcase because it's the hardest I've tried so far and I brought out some new tricks.

Drew: Just for atmosphere easily the Original Bands Showcase at the Shed.

Where did you go to school and what do you remember about it?

We still go to school at Beauchamp College and it's ok to hang out, although it can be quite dull. Summer term is always the best and is the most fun.

Aisle 13 singing

If you could change one thing about Leicestershire what would it be?

Jason: The amount of gig venues and the amount of skate parks. We need more to do when we are around town because at the moment it's just 'hang around town' or 'stay at home'.

Lewis: I wish we could have an ice rink, I love ice skating.

Drew: The bus services, because it only comes to where I live once an hour!"

What's been your most embarrassing music themed moment?

Jason: It's not easy to embarrass me as I'm sure the guys will agree but one time at a gig we started playing a song and I realised I was in drop-d-tuning rather than standard so I had to shout down the mic to stop the song. The whole of the Charlotte went silent and everyone kind of stared and laughed at me.

Lewis: Hmmm well when my cymbals stand broke- it flopped and went on my kit so I was distracted! A drummer from another band had to put them back up while I was playing and then they flopped again!

Drew: I've not really had one yet 'touch wood'.

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You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Music > Leicestershire's Unsigned > Aisle 13

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