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28 October 2014

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Leicestershire's Unsigned

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Emperor State

Emperor State

Emperor State

As Leicester's music scene continues to buzz these guys are really making a name for themselves. They describe their sound as indie-rock - but you can find out for yourself. Meet Aaron, Loz and Pete and listen to some of their tracks...

Who are Emperor State?

Emperor State are three prolific musicians of the finest calibre, creating boundary pushing compositions, entertaining crowds and most importantly doing what feels right!

"All of our songs are inspired by our hearts, directed by our emotions and driven by our minds. "

Emperor State

So how did you all meet?

Aaron, the drummer, advertised his services on a website and after refusing a handful of offers from various bands, was contacted by Loz, guitarist and vocalist, whose impression of John Lennon singing 'Twist and Shout' made him decide that this was a band worth joining.

Loz knew Pete, the bassist, through some friends and invited him to come to a rehearsal. And that was it. The start of a beautiful relationship and the genesis of such great music.

Describe your sound

This is always the most difficult question we get asked. We are a combination of the best parts of all of the bands that each member likes and is influenced by. If we had to pigeon-hole ourselves we'd be in the indie/rock category but then our next song could move us into a different genre.

Who or what are your greatest influences?

Aaron: My greatest influences as far as drummers go are Jimmy Chamberlin, Stewart Copeland, Dave Grohl and Topper Headon.

Emperor State playing a gig

Emperor State playing a gig

Loz: As singers go, I'm really taken aback by Sting and Ed Harcourt. Ed's vocals are so emotive and considered. I love the rawness Sting has in his vocals. Both are great lyricists and something that I aspire to be.

Pete: Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Muse, Coldplay, The Libertines and Morrissey. There's so many more but this the kind of thing I've been listening too over the last year.

What do you make of the music scene in Leicester?

Leicester's music scene seems to be ripening. We've seen a lot of very talented musicians emerging in this city recently. All they need is time, encouragement and persistence.

Who are your favourite local bands at the moment?

Action Force are one. They're partly made up of old members of Tut Moses who were one of the bands that have influenced us. We also like Shy Zandra. They have a unique sound!

What inspired the best song you've written?

All of our songs are inspired by our hearts, directed by our emotions and driven by our minds.

Where are your favourite Leicestershire hangouts?

Braunstone Gate is kicking. There's loads of really cool places to go out there and they're all open 'til late. The Charlotte and Firefly are where we seem to play most of our gigs when we're playing in Leicester, although we've done a few in The Shed, Original 4, Jam Jar and Sumo.

Emperor State's signiture drum kit

Emperor State's signiture drum kit

Best gig so far?

We've done so many good gigs but the most recent one that we really, really enjoyed was at The Shed in the first heat of the Original Bands Showcase. We'd been practicing hard and the set we did was extremely tight.

Worst gig?

We rarely play below par and have learnt to compose ourselves in the most testing of environments. We played the Betsey Trotwood in London last year and when we got there only 20 people could actually fit in the room and the rest had to hang around on the stairs. A great atmosphere though.

Best and worst things about living in Leicestershire?

Best thing about Leicester is that it is home and is comfortable to us. That's also the worst thing because comfort sometimes makes you lazy. We always try our best to make waves in other communities and countries.

What’s been your most embarrassing music themed moment?

Aaron: I can't think of one off the top of my head. Besides which, I prefer to think about positive inspirational things not embarrassing things.

Emperor State playing live

Emperor State playing live

Loz: Although it happens rarely, forgetting lyrics to your own songs can be quite embarrassing. After all, you made them!

Pete: Dancing like a monster on stage to our song 'Monster'. Although I quite like doing the dance, if the rest of the band doesn't do it you can look a right fool.

Pet hates?

Aaron: Negativity.

Loz: I don't hate pets, I love 'em! No seriously, I hate people who talk through a movie you haven't seen, telling you when all the best bits are coming - no surprise at all.

Pete: Traffic Jams! Stuck in them an awful lot!

Check back next week to hear another blast of the latest local talent.

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You are in: Leicester > Entertainment > Music > Leicestershire's Unsigned > Emperor State

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