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28 October 2014

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Fortune teller and Becca
Fortune teller and Becca

What does the fortune tell?

Becca Bryers
Becca visited BBC Leicester Pier and crossed the fortune teller's hand with silver...

I'm not entirely sure what I think about fortune telling. I know the phonelines you can ring up are largely just out to get your money but I've also read about some pretty spooky readings. So I skipped along to the Leicester Pier (all the way down in BBC Leicester's reception area) to find out if the resident fortune teller could give Nostradamus a run for his silver.


"I think you could have done very much better at school"
A very worrying suggestion to Becca awaiting exam result!

"To me you look a very arty person... I see you as an artist"

Well I am quite creative and I'm not particularly imaginatively dressed today or anything, but then again she obviously knew I was involved with the BBC online team so it's not such an amazing announcement.

1/1 so far though!


"I think you've got to push yourself a bit more... I think sometimes you hold yourself back... but once you get to know somebody I think you're away"

Well I think I can agree with this one. I do tend to not always put ideas forward because I'm a bit embarrased, which I definitely need to get over if I want a job in media! Also I'm always a bit shy around people until I get to know them enough to feel comfortable and after that you can't shut me up!

2/2 - looking good for her!

Bad Spells

Becca having her fortune read
Becca having her fortune read

"You've had quite a few bad spells... your path has never been straight"

True - but surely this is true of most people? And it is slightly vague as "bad spells" could mean a number of things. It still rings true with me though, and it's nice to know she believes life is getting better and better.

3/3 - she's still getting it!

A sign from the spirit world

It got a bit stranger when the fortune teller asked if I knew a Jacqueline or Jackie, as she felt there was a woman who held a great deal of love for me in the spirit world.

As I can't think of any Jackies I was a bit bemused and her suggestions of a perm, fair complexion, good dress sense, pearls or a wide reader did little to prod out a memory.

Looks like this is a 3/4 - unless there's anything my parents can tell me about a long lost family member when I get home!

Backpacking and Love

Apparently I'm going to travel. Japan seems relevant, Venice and Florence practically home. This is the girl who has never been on a plane! I do want to travel in the future though - but I was thinking more like New Zealand to see some of my family.

Orlando Bloom
My tall, dark man with small features!

As I'm going to university it is likely that I'll meet a lot of new people, though she did predict that before I told her about uni.

She also thinks I'll meet my soul mate very soon - likely between the following November and January!

My new man will have a lot to do with IT, be "very dark, quite tall... [with] small features". She even told me his birthday will be in January and he will be an Aquarious! If I meet him I'll be sure to let BBC Leicester know...

 I can't really judge a prediction yet as anything could happen!

The bits that really spooked me!

"I think you could have done very much better at school"

Not the best thing to hear when you receive your A Level results in less than 24 hours!

The fortune teller felt that I would have children and could see a little girl who I would be very happy with. The scary bit was her announcement that it would be in about 2 years! I'm hoping this was a guess based on her thinking I'm older than I am, rather than a premonition...


The jury is still out on fortune telling for me. I found the whole reading quite interesting but also pretty funny (note that you can vaguely hear me laughing nearly all the way through the reading).

It was definitely an experience but I think it's probably nicer to actually live your life as it comes - if it's fate your going to get there sometime anyway, do you really need to know about it in advance? Unless  of course it's fate that you got to a fortune teller... hmm this could get confusing...

last updated: 18/08/05
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Hi how can i find good fortune telling in UK, pliz e-mail me back

I need to know my future

they just want to suck the money out of you. your the one who makes your decision. your the one who choses your destiny.

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