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29 July 2014
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Voices 2005

Rubber duck
Ay up mi duck!

Can you speak Lest-oh?

Do you know your cob from your cob on or your cardi from your okey? Check out our Leicester dictionary and send in your own contributions.


aintgotnocoatotowt - I seem to have forgotten my coat
antenyonyergoranyonyer? - Doesn't anyone have any?
are kid/mi chip - brother
ark at it! -listen to it. ie raining.  
arr aint yorn - that doesn't belong to you
at's wad I rek'on - that's my summary of the situation
av gorra gerrit straight the way – I have got to get it straight away
av notruckweim - don't have anything to do with him
aya guwin uptaarn? - are you going to town?
ay up me duck - good day madam/sir
ayupmush - hello my friend
am on me larry- I'm on my own
aintit - is it not?
aya avinaguon the osses - are you placing a bet on the horse racing
amgooinlavvy - I need to visit the toilet
arseovatit - he fell over
a ya bag - I hurt myself
are yeh not stoppin? - would you like to take your coat off?
ayah - ouch!
ahshehgorramonkon - is she in a bad mood?
av gorra gerroffear - this is my stop
avugorrit - have you got it?
'ave yer emtid the poh mother? - have you emptied the chamber pot dear?
argate - our gate, usually the answer to "where yuh goin fuh yuroliday?" and
meaning "we are not going away this year"
am reet frit - I am very frightened
aight? - hello, are you alright?
angonamo - wait for me
attcha - salutations, my good friend
azzegorrasustificut has he got a certificate?
arse-ova-backuds - I fell over (quite badly)
aye enna gorra cloo - I don't know
ainttavvinanyonit - I will stand no nonsense


bildo - building society
black pad - path alongside a railway line.
bungole - cheese
bood - bad mood
brauny park - Braunstone Park
buzz - bus
bins - glasses
blooaaahmeh  - blue army of Leiceser City fame
bearard - very difficult
bareottinnit - it is very hot isn't it
baltic - cold 
bye - safe, ciafe, in a bit, in a bizzel, peace, peace out
bob - a poo
bredwin - friends
braggy park - bradgate park
Birmingham - brum
boggy fleece - Beaumont Leys
uff-up-bow-eh - I am off to Beaumont Leys
The Bird - used to be slang for the Leicester Mercury as in the old man next door used to ask me to "Run up the shop and get us the Bird"
Braunite - someone who resides in Braunstone
bob - excrement
bare - a lot of something e.g. I got bare cash
bag on - in a mood. Ees gorra bag on
brew – tea. Urry up, brew ull be mashed -get a move on your tea is stewing.
Bazza or Baz – Barry
Backy – Neil Back
bockle - bottle
Booyah - an exclamatory statement, excellent!
Baleev - Yes, I believe you!
Bomb ya one time - Will deliver a swift kick to the chops


Charlie's dead - excuse me, I think your underskirt is showing
chilax - chill and relax
chip ole - chip shop
cob - roll/bap
coddie - foreman
coggie - swimming costume
corseppen - a special apron worn on wash days
cotty - tangled hair
crash the ash! - I think it's your turn to give me a cigarette
croaker - doctor
croggy - a ride hitched on a bicycle
the cut - canal
chuck it - stop it!
corsie - pavement
corrie - Coronation Street
chip butty - chip cob
chippy - chip shop
cool - sikk, heavy, draw, bullet
current bun - sun
chizit - how much is it?
cat got yuh tong? - what have you got to say for yourself?/you're quiet
council pop - water
chuck it - throw it
croggih - to give someone a ride on your bike's cross bar "yogonnagimmiagroggih?"
curnt - can't
Cozza – Martin Corry
criggy - 1. Cricket 2. Christmas
coodya - could you
cuntya - couldn't you
choddeh - chewing gum
chipoff the ole block - someone who is like somebody else
Clagnut - A small piece of irremovable bob
Comin darn Brauno? - Are You Coming To Braunstone Gate?


dazzers - swimming costume
dobber - condom
duwonote? - would you like anything?
duck's necks - bottle of pop
du ya na wat a meen? - Do you know what I mean?
doanit - doesn't it
dobbin meh - hitting me
Dodge = Braunstone Dodgite = Resident of Braunstone
do you understand? - naw mean?, u get me, nawm sayin
dontbisogobby - don't have such a big mouth
dunno - I don't know
djgerowt? - did you get anything? (heard asked to someone who had gone to collect from a house when carol singing)
me duck - my friend: "alrigh' m'duck" - "alright my friend"
didya - did you
dintya - didn't you
duyyar - do you
dontya - don't you
Deano – Dean Richards
diggers - knife/fork/spoon
Dallas - The new bit of Dodge
Dollies - Attractive young lady
Daniel - Superstar


e were in a bob'ole - he was in a den/hiding place
e's gorra chin on - he's being grumpy
Ear oo worry wi' - Excuse me who was he with if you don't mind my asking?
'ees gorra cobbon - he seems to be upset
ence - pence
eyer gorrany rocks? - have you any sweets?
eyu gorrit? - Do you perchance have it?
eza drip - he is a little slow
eeyaahmate - excuse me, over here please
egg - I think someone may have passed wind
E road - Evington Road
evo - evington
'Ewayerdoublehewa' meaning 'He looked just like you'
ewereyerdoubleewor (ee-wer-yer-dubble-e-wor) - He was your double, he was. I love lestoh


five and twenty to/past - twenty-five to/past the hour
frowawobbler - get mad
fippin' hell- you are shocked!
fizzogg - face
frit - frightened
flexing - seeing someone that's not your boyfriend/girlfriend
friend - blad, bredrin, breh
flicks - pictures/cinema
fieldz - Highfields
Fanny - FanClub
Fanwah - FanClub


gaff - home
gaffa - an elderly man
ganzi - jumper
ginnel - alleyway or side-path 
ger off onit - are you serious?
gerrout o' me road - allow me to pass
gerr ouwt on it - don't exaggerate
gezanamaneggcobmush - could you please get me a ham and egg roll my friend
gis a bit - could I have a piece of that?
gis a gleg - give me a look at it
gis a croggy - give me a ride on back of your bike
gisasuckoyercore - could I have the rest of your apple if you don't want it?
gawpin - staring
gizs a croggy in ya grid - give me a ride on your bike.
gisit 'ere - please pass that to me
giz a rock - give me a sweet
giz that - ah gen it ya! - give me that... I gave it to you!
goin bed - I'm going up to bed
gorra bag on - in a mood
gun gerruz a punnit for the guzgogs - Please fetch me a punnet for the gooseberries
go gerrus anoakey wisumrazzon - get me an ice cream with raspberry sauce
goindownnarb - are you going down Narborough Road?
gorragoo - got to go
goin' forra taz on mi grid - I'm going for a ride on my bicycle
gorra gerrah Garry one o' them - that's nice, I'd like one of those
gorra cobbon - being upset
guffo - Guthlaxton College
gingernutt - a person with orange hair
googy - East Goscote Thrum
gowinupmonsell - I am going to the Eyers Monsell
giz a gander - give me a look
gorraguloo - I must go to the toilet straight away
gyalzdem/manzdem - those girls/boys
gun oot – gone out
guntekkitupome - I'm going to take it home
ya grass - grasser - someone who tells tales
giv over - you are joking
goo away wiv ya - you are joking
gooin up citai - going to watch Leicester City play football
Guz Gogs - gooseberrys
gerra life - go and do something with your life/self
giyusaliftintataarn - give me a lift into town
Gorrogoungerrabirradinna - I have to go and get my dinner
ge ouwa me road - get out of my way


hands aya sinota Fred? - have you seen Fred lately?
how much chissit? - how much is it?
hoosit - who is it
he berranorradun - he hadn't better have done that
Highfields - fieldz
hectors - teeth
hot-ache - when the fingers were so cold they burned
Homez - Good Mate


I ain't gorrote - I haven't got any money
I inner gorrit - I don't have it
n't it ot? - isn't it warm today?
I ain't purrin up wi it - I won't allow this
I ain't up Co'ville - don't speak so loudly
I innagunnagu - I am not going
it's a bit parky - it's cold
it's black over Bill's mother's - it's about to rain
innit - isnt it
I seedyalastneet uruworrawee? - oh yes who was I with?
int-there-oat-elson - is there anything else on?
I wuz bornin thrummy - I was born in Thurmaston
I'll give yoo a right pasting - I shall smack your bottom hard
it ain't noat todowidit - it is not anything to do with it
izthatannammunuhracheezun? - would that cob be one containing ham or cheese?
ifyasaso - if you say that, I believe you
I ain got oat/note - I haven't got anything


jewonna - would you like?
jitty - allyway
jollop - medicine
Krilyon - Loughborough Carillon Tower
karzi – toilet/outhouse
jonny - Sir Jonathon North Community College
jim skinner - dinner 
jasper - a wasp
joey in the Christmas pud - silver thrupny bit (3d coin) in the pudding
Johnno – Martin Johnson


kalaye - sherbet in a bag
Keep yer airon - calm down
keep yer eye out - watch out
kinell- a term of shock or surprise
Kibuth - Kibworth


laggy bands - elastic bands
laropped - drunk
Larry - A person on there own. On ma larry = On my own.
Lairey = A bit crazy; all ove the place, as in "this dog is a bit lairey".
ler 'er gerron wi' it - I suggest we let her do it
leery - cheeky person
Lester right - a person residing in Leicester
lugholes - ears
leff it - leave it
Lino - Assistant Referee
Lucy Lastic - a promiscuous woman
let's av a goosey - can I have a look
loot - money
lankey boys - Lancaster Boys School
I'll leather ya - I'll hit you
looked at me gone ou' - looked at me as if I was nuts
Lozza - Lawrence
lavai - toilet
left handed - caggy handed
Lanky Boyz - Lancaster boys school


mashin - brewing the tea
Mardy Arse - a person who is very upset.
medadzgorrajag    - my dad has got a jaguar mekitgobakkuds - put it in reverse
me tabs ar fruz - my ears are frozen
mi mam - my mother
mi marrer - my mate old yer osses
m'ungry - I'm hungry
mozzie - mosquito
makeace - make haste/hurry up
Cant forget 'Mozzy' as in Mossdale Meadows in Brauny!! Or 'mozzy' means mosqutio
Mad Mile - The dual carriage way bit of the Narb


necky Becky - nosey
nesh - cold  
noseoowereewiv - who was he with?
nowt - nothing
ngooinuvverasdasdywonote - I'm going to Asda, would you like anything?
nippin up Wiggy - going into Wigston
no me neeva - I can't either
note tu du wi me - nothing to do with me
nun non num - not any of them


old cock - friend
oakey - an ice-cream
oat - anything
am on me larry - I'm on my own
oooooh ya - ouch!
ooooyawh beggaw - well goodness me!
oohyerbeggaryafritmetadeth - goodness me you gave me a scare
ooo ya bewteh - amazing
ooya date - expression of surprise
ooyah kinkah - oh my goodness
ow a ya?- how are you?
owmachisit?-  what is the cost?
oooo ya bod - an expression of surprise or amazement
oooo Ya Ladza - as above
ooowa - o dear cloth ears - are you deaf?
ospikul - hospital
ooyah fighter - I have the distinct impression somebody passed wind
ooh missus mannering - you snob
oosfluffed - who may I ask has blown wind?
outdoors - off licence
owned! - you have just been had/proved wrong/humiliated etc
"ooyah date or ooyah bug{ga}" - that was quite painful!
Ooyah ! = surprise. Like "wow !" Also: Ooyah devil; ooyah dogga; ooyah barnies.
os - horse "am gunna wesh me os in sum watter - I'm going to wash my horse in some water"
oowar - oh yes. oowar me duck - Oh yes fine woman
ow-wee-yah? - hello
ooworreway - who was he with?
Oweya? - How are you?
on yer bike - would you mind vacating my personal space please
Ooh yuh byuteh! - Surprise


pack it in - stop it
pack puggin! - stop picking your nose!
pak-up = packed lunch
padge-owl - a woman out alone at night
peg- railway signal
plaggy bags - plastic bags
puthering down with rain - bucketing it down
punchin' walls - I am angry
put wood in the hole - shut the door
pigginaida - oh my!
palaver - a disturbance, to-do
Pork Pie Libray & the Pork Pie Island = Southfields Library & the traffic island at the Saffron Lane/Glenhills Bully (Boulevard)!
pound - dollar
push grid - bike
"proper pawley" - really ill
pad - for a footpath (e.g. the Black Pad in Narborough)
pug - bogey (nose)
proper dog ruf - a person looks a little rough/ugly
Pie-eyed - Drunk


quiddit - could you please stop that
quit stickin yuh beakin - don't be nosey


radgy - irritable
reccy - playing fields
Redundo - redundancy package
rekon yuruptuit? - do you think you can handle it?
rally - railway line
roughting - fighting
roaring - to sob or cry loudly
rocks - sweets
rare un – rare one/nutter
rare as rocking horse sh*t – a right nutter or something unobtainable
r mam - my mother
r dad - my father
r Gary = Gary Lineker
rainin cats n dogs - raining a lot


s'ard init? - it's hard, isn't it?
scratchings - left over bits of batter sprinkled on chips
seizure - see you
sen - alternative to self
shlatternipumfrit - I'll have to return home for it
she looked at me gone out - she looked at me in an odd way
shurrup - be quiet
shut your cakehole/gob - please be quiet
silly slobber - rubbish talk
skank/skanked - to leave someone
skants - pants/underwear
skelington - the bones of your body
Sik - Really Good, Wicked
smoochin along - going for a stroll
snaps - lunch
snitch - tale teller
sonia bed - it is on your bed
Spendo - Spare cash
squoze - squeezed
stop mithering me - don't bother me
summit - something
topomehed - top of my head
sunbins - sunglasses
stoner - person from Stonesbury Avenue
safemateyergetmeh - very good my friend, do you understand?
shintin - she is not at home
s'anging in eyah - this room could do with a clean
satdy - Saturday
seen - ok
sod that! - forget that
spendoes or spends - pocket money
the saff - the Saffron Lane estate
saffite - resident of the Saffron Lane
safto - this afternoon
steamin' - intoxicated
supwi'it? - why will it not work?
scutter - a down-and-out
snobs - fivestones
fly-dobs - one of the moves in snobs
scroed" instead of scribbled
Swede – head. Ere ont me swede - I have an opportunity for a header
scran - food
shove ova - move across (so I can sit down)
soash - social security
stop lolling sbout - stop leaning or mooching around
Smashed - Drunk
Snakey B - Snakebite and Black
Steamboat mahooda - Drunk


the offy - off licence
thatsa biggun - that's a big one
the don - big sandwich
the woggy - the brook running through Lancaster Boys School
toggly - buttered toast
tegs - teeth
taarn - Leicester city centre
that's all mi eye and Peggy Martin - you're talking rubbish
trolleys, undercrackers, bracks - undergarments, pants
The Dodge: i.e The Braunstone estate
The Narb - Narborough Road Head out
there's no ownin'im - he looks exactly like his Dad (or Mum).
they're givin'out rain - the forecasters say it's going to rain
toffeenosed - stuck up, posh, upper-class
tiss up - do a handstand against the wall
tisinit - it is isn't it
trolley - a kind of go-kart made of old pram wheels, bits of wood and string
tisot init - it is hot isn't it
Thrummy - Thurmaston
he's as tight as a duck's arse - he's not very generous
taintintintisit - it isn't in the tin
twenny - twenty
twerly- am I too early?
on your tod - on your own
tuttoos - sweeties
taters – potatoes
tommy opposite - Left handed
tent code - the weather is mild
tuws-up - can I have half of your cigarette please
tee shot - t-shirt. As in two men on the golf course, one saying to the other "Nice tee shot mate", to which the other answers "Yeah thuh missis gorrit from NEXT!"
Twallop - if I did something silly my Grandad would call me a "Twallop"


u donit - you have done this
uncool - wakk, neng, marga, bob
ungreh - hungry
up the jit - through the passageway
uz our mackle - make out of spare parts donnies
Uz – our. Time for uz snap. Tea time


vennie - adventure playground
Vicky Park - Victoria Park


wait a minute seejabit - see you later tinhat
wak - rubbish/boring/pointless
well, worreediz - well, what it is/I mean to say/this is my opinion
waranooter - please take note of that / look at the nose on that!
wassup? - what is going on?
well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs what a surprise
we gorrem up the chip ole - we are going to the chip shop
what's poppin? - what's happening?
what's going off? - what's going on?
wotsay? - I beg your pardon, could you repeat that?
who's mashing - who's making the tea?
whereworrenoowoorewi - where was he and  who was he with?
wob oer - tumble over
woreewivu - was he with you?
worro - hello
wuk - work
worrit - was it
wagwaan - what's going on?
whatcha doing oat or noat? - What are you doing anything or nothing?
wobbie - wasp
wazzermarrer - what's the matter
weggy - western park
wully pully - pullover/sweater/jumper
wiggy - wigston
weergooinskeggyferusolls - we're holidaying in Skegness
we've gorra gerrazimbux - we have to get our hymn books
wha' - what
wuntya - would you. Wuntya like a bugger - Would you care for a burger
wuntya - wouldn't you
woodya - would you
wiggy – Graham Rowntree
wazzed – drunk
waz – urinate
whippersnapper - small child
worra loadu ol cobblus - what a lot of rubbish (you are talking)
wabby - wasp, as in the things that sting yer bum!


xboody - ex-boyfriend/husband


y'ain't frit are ye? - I hope you are not afraid
yavinowt teet? - are you having anything to eat?
ya carnt mek me do it - you can't make me do it
Ye goin up rally? - are you going to the railway line?
y'ungry? - are you hungry?
yakit - throw it
yavinalaff???--- Are you having a laugh/ Are you being serious?
you cat Anna - stop being naughty
you throw your money about like a man with no arms - you're a miser
yukkan shuvit - I'm not interested
yehcanstopwi'us - you may stay at our house
yeahsafematesafe - I agree, very good
y'arright gel? - are you all right madam/sister/wife?
yu dont gerote for note - you don't get something for nothing
yergorroat to do - have you anything you'd like me to do?
yesdy - yesterday
you're yitney - you are afraid
yuvgargoothawayanywayintyoh? - you've got to go that way anyway, haven't you?
ya lairey bugga - you daft bugger
you know what I mean - na
yougorragoowtomorra? - do you have to go out tomorrow?
youz chattin bob mate - you are talking rubbish my friend
yoonoworrahmean?- do you know what I mean?
Yorping – shouting. Yorping int market
yaar - you are. twinkul twinkul little stor oway wunder what yaar
urrarummun yaar - you're a right one you are
yule see the backuv me hand - I will hit you
Ye-get-meh? - Do you understand?
Yard - House
Yer evin mi on - Disbelief
Yuh canna gerrum ear - They are not available in this part of the country


zeds - sleep

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Thanks to the following for their entries:

Chris Seaton of Bognor Regis, Vim of North Evington, Alpa of Rushey Mead, Bob Thacker of Taupo North Island, New Zealand, Fergus, Liz Blackshaw, Tony Jarram from Loughborough, Emma Faulkner, Chris Steiner, Karen Bernstein, Tabby and Wendy Taylor, Chris Edwards, Ewan Kirk formerly of Thurmaston, now in Birmingham, R Barnet, Gayle Anderson, Mick Pickering, Phil in Perth, West Oz, Corrine Clarke, Jim Mitchinson, John Rymer of Syston, David Sudale, Phil Croft, Sharon Hall, Walter Fowler, Wendy, John Keats, Australian ex-pat John Sutton, Arthur Bausor of Thurnby Lodge, John's old grannie and former City Boy Mike Pinckard, Paul Stevens, Cat Sharpe from Western Park, New Parks Estate, Weeza, David Baxter, Miles Bingham, Mr Leicester, Ian Payne, Zoe Sketchley, Clive Langley in California, Ashley Bakewell, Jim, Haydn Cook, Mike Smith,  Lynne Bailey, Little Miss Leicester, Jonathan Kerry, Ady Holder, Alex Salter, Fen Lee, Veena Patel, Laura Hayward, Tom Weir, Philip Baker, Anna Duke, Susan O'Leary, Lorraine Whittington in Loughborough, Sharon Hughes, Barry Bulsara, Beth Sutherland from New Parks, Travis Wilkinson, Kath Hewitt in Coalville, Dave Britcliffe, Alex, Helen Murtagh, Jessica, Louise, Laurel Ockton, RD, Louise, Fieldz man, Ashish Pandya, Keira in Liverpool, Tim Smith, Stuart James, Nicola Humphreys, Jagdeep Bullar from Thurmaston, Rickesh Patel, Chris Yewdall, Rebecca Clark, Helen Murtagh, Mohammed Khalifah (Lowfields Lesta), RD, Carl from Broughton Astley, Heidi James from Leicester now Wrexham, Dr G, Phil Allen, Marrina Finney, James Doyle, Mark Herus, Kelly and Mandy Graham, Lyle Baker now SC USA and Mick Butcher, Mick Barnett from Wigston Magna, Laura and Debbie in Melton, Steve Hunt in Holland, Derek Copson, Saneep Singh, Pat Brindley in Loughborough, Terry Sanders, Lorraine Whittington, Andrew Cartledge, Arthur Geary, Dr Miriam Wohl, Flange Benson, Dave Nimmo, Steve Wrigley, Emrhys, Yvonne Drew, Gaelle Henderson, Louise from London, Mick Butcher, Dylan Smithy, Zoe Lievesley, Beckie Dale, Lee, Leo Tennant, Robert Webster, Paul Dodd, David Betts, Steve Anstee Hanwell London ex North Evington, N.Wilson, Liz Arnold (brung up in Narbru, now in Watford), Gav (Coalville), Lucy, Peter Martin, John Smith, Alexander McAulay, Eileen Terry, Dr G, ben bagshaw, Monika Patel, Leanne (Reppin Fields), Barry Phillips from Loughborough, Jane Crimson, Jen of Knighton, Nick Smith, Pete Shepherd, T Talbot, Alex Davies, Katie (From Earl Shilton), Dave (Hinckley), Liam Scannell, Lorraine Whittington, Pat Hulbert, Nigel Pepper, Maggie formerly of Aylestone, Tony Lahive, Lee, Monika Patel (Rushey Ends), Rowan, Usman in Bede Island, Steve Friendship, Neil Woolley in Broughton Astley, Sarah Hepke, Lee, Jo, Steve Dane from Ashby de la Zouch, Andy Savage, PaulyPaul of Brauny, Jo, Mick Ahern of Wigston, D, Emma + Lydia (Braunstone), Badger & Tim, Lee, Catherine Painter- grew up in Weggy Park!, Dan Howard, Kirsty, Tom Pope, Neil Proctor, Rose Bakewell- Coalville, Nosebob/Beanie/Frank/AntonioBeanderas (ex Braunite), Barney S, DIPTI, Richard, Simon, Mark Hough, Gary Mitchell, Izaac Powell.

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alex salter
umgooinoadbehasdasdyoowannotegenn? - im going to oadby asda, do you want me to get you anything?

Hayley G From Wiggy
Why have you included some "gangsta" words such as "bredrin" and words that are only specific to Asian teens? I thought this is supposed to be proper "Lestoh"! Let's remove the gangsta rubbish, that's not how Lestoh people speak!!!

tony d
watcha sen....mind how you go, or mind your step

Cheryl Grundy from Cornwall
Gerrup the wooden 'ill before the nine oclock 'orses come!-Get up the stairs to bed!

Julie Grundy from Cornwall
Beeaave or I'll crown you inna minute/paste you inna minute..Please behave or you will get a spanking.

Jonathan Lindsay nr braggy park
Gizzsanuthadollopodat - please my i have another serving

Steve Preston. Cornwall.
Shantgorracoatorowt so 'e guz an giz er isn She hadn't got a coat or anything, so he gave her his one.

i use all off these... minging- horridble stinkkk- unfair wiggy- Wigston bare - to exagerate on something e.g thats bare nice. thanks xx

Dean Tranter
ahmu chisit - how much does it cost

Jo Hunt Aylestone
what about "goin up the entry" meaning the alley next to house

Mr C
"The Wino" - Winstanley Arms Pub

Richard Lock
My Dad uses the term U.S. to mean useless. Is this a Leicester term? He's lived in Leicester all his life so assume it must be. A typical phrase t me and my brothers would be "You lot are abosolutely U.S." We've forgiven him now! Cheers me duck, Rich

James Sleatdogg
EYAR is possible the most used word in Lestoh. Meaning of course: There you go!

Yolkae - Are you well?

Lizzy Park - Elizibeth Park

James Fox
mennabee - meant to be

Mick Savage
What about; rocks-sweets big eater-fibber chip-brother All gen. lesta stuff

Phill Edwards
Uh'yuh gorri'on yer? - I say, do you by any chance have it about your person?

Dr G
Corky Dobber (n.) - someone who is left-handed

Jo Martin
When ya godda goo you godda goo (when you've got to go you've got to go). Normally meaning off to the loo

Tom Dave
me old mucker - mate

Joe Harris
ya badger - a man who goes to watch the cricket.

rambo- thinks he's hard

Mardy is a lestah word innit? it means t'be upset or in a grump

scratch on - Sign on for in 'im off up town ter scrath on'

Rocks - Sweets. As in 'Heres a quid, go and get gersen some rocks'..

darren liney
Jitty,cut through one road to another

darren liney
texas, braunstone estate

Tim McLeod
ayagorramardyliponorwot? - Are you in a bad mood?

scott cherrry
i'll put yer out - i'll get you

scott cherrry
e's gorra chin-on - he's in a bad mood

scott cherrry
ooya beeneh - oh my word!

scott cherrry
it frit meh - i was scared

Steve Wood
Eye holes as in he's in his eye holes. Meaning really happy.

You've missed out all those 'tin-hatters' (people) from 'Inkleh' (Hinckley) who enjoy their 'noggins' (slightly larger than a slice, but small than a block) of cheese. You don't want them to throw a mardy (temper tantrum). Ta very much.

Tammy of Knighton
willy wig - william wigston pub

ooivegorraswerron - gosh i'm hot and perspiring.

This wer very useful for a' 'omework, but I'm a red head and the gingernutt comment was bob/wakk/uncool.

Nic Chamberlain
My Grandad is 94 and has lived in Leicestershire all his life. Since i moved to University and sadly lost my accent he doesn't understand me unless I revert to saying things like the heavily accented 'I'm gooin aught' instead of 'I'm going out', or he looks at me funny! Thanks for the dictionary, at last i can prove to my non-Leicestershire friends that the word croggy isn't something i made up!

My grandma, who passed away last year aged 94, was from Leicester, and she used the word "scroed" instead of scribbled. Never heard anyone else use it though!

Barry Phillips Loughborough
I don't care if the cow calves or the bull breaks. My old gran used to say this when she couldn't be bothered.

Pete Shepherd
Ah I remember when I was a lad, 'boggy fleece' was nothing but green fields between Heacham Drive and braggy park ...

Tracey Stomenov
I'm from Surrey, my husband is from Wiggy. This is invaluable in deciphering the code he's used these last few years!

Visitors from America
We are Americans from San Francisco doing a house exchange to Leicester this summer, thanks so much for this dictionary, we will need this!!

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