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28 October 2014

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Olga Sosnovska
Olga has been on holiday in India

Spooks star home safely

Fears about the safety of Spooks star and Leicester woman Olga Sosnovska have been allayed. The actress was on holiday in India when the south Asian tsumami struck. But luckily she was nowhere near the danger areas. Read a recent interview with her.

Q:  Do you like playing Fiona Carter?

A:  It is fun. Although I have to say that when I first came into it I did one little episode and it was still not really clear what Fiona was going to be. She was very ambitious, very sexy so it was a little intimidating. Once we did that episode, I got called in by the producer and he said the whole thing turned out a little more glamorous than expected. So I am trying to make Fiona a little more homely.

Q:  Is Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) as sexy in the flesh?

A:  Yes. He is a very confident young man. He oozes sex appeal.

Q:  Have the cast welcomed you onto the set?

A:  Yes. I came during a huge transition; people had been leaving one by one anyway. So there was a sense of change so Rupert had been the new kid on the block. I think he was quite relieved to have someone else to join him. As the series goes on we eventually replace the original three characters. There were a lot of new faces anyway so I did not feel too out of place.

Q:  How did you become an actress?

A:  It all started with my arrival in this country. I lived in Poland until the age of 11 and it was not an option open to kids in a communist country at the time. One of the first things I got into when I came to England was drama club. My English was awful but it helped me get better very quickly.

Q:  Was not speaking English difficult for you?

A:  I think it seems more difficult now looking back on it. I think when you are a kid you do not ask too many questions. It gave me a sense of my own identity in this whole new culture.

Q:  You had to leave Poland very quickly didn't you?

A:  I think we had something like a week to pack and leave. We originally came just for a year or so we thought. It soon turned out that it was not a good idea to go back. The year turned into two years and then three and then we just ended up saying.

Q:  What brought you to the attention of the Spooks producers?

A:  Funnily enough I had auditioned for Spooks out of the United States. My agent contacted me and said there's a great part in this series for you - it's called Spooks. I auditioned for it and got it, but on the same day I got another part back in New York. I had to decline that because I thought I should concentrate on building something in the US.

last updated: 29/12/04
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holly martin
i think olga played fiona carter very well i started to watch spooks and just got staaight in to itand then i have been watching ever since.i thiought olga(fiona)had a good job and then it had to end some time in the 7 episode.....

Harry Sonbear
Olga reminds me very much of another stunningly beautiful Polish lady, my beloved wife, Ewa!

Gill Harrison
Seeing Fiona shot and killed this week was a big shock. I loved the character and Spooks will not be the same without her.

Eleanor Johnston
The best actress on the box at the moment. Born for the part of Fiona Carter. Wish you'd come back to work with the BBC soon. You will be sadly missed meantime.

I agree with jazzypom, she would or tonks

i love spooks and watch every episode twice at lest, Oglas my role model and think that she is a fantastic actress and deserves the spotlight she gets all the expressions right and has a fantastic acsent.

wayne spackman
olga is one of the sexiest women on tv!

she's make a good Bellatrix Black in the Harry Potter series, she's a very good actress.

Ethylene (E.T.) Thompson
I plan to watch every show or commercial that Olga is involved in that is within my power to do so. And Olga thanks for my ring!

Congratulations to Olga and Sendhil on the birth of their daughter. Warm wishes and many blessings

Congratulation to Olga and her husband on the birth of her daughter!

Maxine Girard
Olga exudes confidence and a strong sense of self. I've had the pleasure of meeting her twice and on both occasions she was very down to earth and friendly. She even replied to an e-mail message I sent her during the holiday season. I wish her and Sendhil all the best with the upcoming birth of their first child.

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Irene Rae


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