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24 September 2014

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Blondes and brunettes
Blondes or brunettes?

Blondes vs brunettes

By Hannah Widdison and Mel Davies
Do blondes really have more fun? Some may argue hair colour does not affect the way we perceive or respect people, but hair colour and hair style says a lot about an individual...

Whether you have blonde, brown, black, red or blue hair there are always going to be the typical stereotypes for your particular hair colour.

For example it is a fact women with blonde hair try to convince everyone being blonde means they have more fun. Brunette women, however, protest it is they who have more fun than blondes and they also add the fact that they are more intelligent.

The most common stereotype of each hair colour is as follows:

  • Blonde = thick as two short planks and prone to have ditsy moments. Flirtatious and fun-loving.
  • Brunette = boring, dull and more reserved, seen as being more classy than blondes.
  • Black = raven hair, evil and witch like. Sassy and sultry.
  • Red (more commonly known as ginger) = general dislike to the hair colour, hidden from the lime light quiet, intellectual and geeky.
  • Extravagant hair colours e.g. blue, purple, green etc. = attention seeking, attempting to rebel against society. Funky and individual.

Some blondes are intelligent and some blondes are boring, some brunettes are fun-loving and some brunettes are thick - you get the gist! The mix of hair colour, style, skin tone, eye colour, make-up and dress sense all contribute to the way that people perceive you.

Blonde woman
Do blondes have more fun?

The mixture of these factors must work well together and compliment one another. This is where we will give our insight and views as to what suits who and what doesn’t suit certain people.

"Certain clothes and colours can really draw attention to blondes and look really striking. However blondes definitely do have to be careful with what they wear because it can look really trashy," says Hannah.

The rule that when wearing a short skirt, cover up on top and if your wearing a low cut, cleavage enhancing top then cover the bottom half definitely applies to blondes. As a generalisation, black looks best on blondes and makes the hair colour stand out even more.

"From a brunette’s perspective I have come to notice that there is a strong emphasis on girls competing against each other, whether it is for the attention of the male species or merely for self satisfaction.

"Being dark haired used to bother me at school because blondes always seemed to get the most attention and were always seen as prettier. Over the years though I have come to the conclusion men are often drawn to brunettes because of their 'Latino' look and their dark eyes," says Mel.

"Blondes definitely do have to be careful with what they wear because it can look really trash"

Obviously different people have different tastes, it might be blonde hair and blue eyes that floats your boat, green eyes and auburn hair or in my case dark brown eyes and dark hair is always a winner.

As for clothes, red always goes down well with dark haired girls and chocolate brown compliments the different tones in our hair. There are a few colours that brunettes should steer well clear of.

Especially if you are pale skinned, wearing all black clothing can wash you out and drain what colour you do have in your face. It is a good idea to experiment with colours and see what your friends like and dislike you wearing.

I’ve always found light grey looks nice with dark hair but dark grey, again, washes out the face and your hair seems to mould into the clothing creating a drained look.

Brunettes should always have colour in their outfits. However, as long as they keep dark, dull colours to a minimum then we’ll always look stunning and vibrant.

Overall there is no true war between the hair colours only between the individuals. Before writing this article we thought that there was a definite line dividing the various hair colours and therefore their personalities.

Now, however, we have discovered that this is not the case and that it is the combination of hair colour and dress sense that create how an individual is perceived. Anyway if you don’t like your hair colour - dye it!

last updated: 15/09/05
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yes we do!

Um, well, I'm not a blonde so I wouldn't know now would I?

well blondes surely dont have more fun.but then i think that some blondes really are a brunette and am lovin it!

yes and no
im a brunnette and a mexican soo my cuzs allways go to clubs ditch school and acts stupid!! my blond cuzions are crazy cept they dont skip school but about 5 of them do "do it" alot and have lots of fun.... its ur call

Yes, blondes really do have more fun because we get more attention because everyone thinks we are stupid, but we know when the right moment is to put someone back in their place.!!!

i used 2 always prefer dark hair, as i'm naturally brunette but jus recently i dyed my hair blonde and think i look alot better, the funny thing is tho i still think brunettes look better and far sexier and more bad girl attitude(which guys prefer)but for just a change i'll stay blonde and in a few years return 2 a sexy brunette, it all depends on the individusl look and what suits thm, not a mith about who has more fun!!1

I have been all colours over the past few years - light brown,black, red, and have been blonde for the past 3 years and definitely think i'll stay blonde - i have blue eyes and fair skin so i look washed out as a brunette. Its not about whether blonde or brunette is better on the whole - it depends on what looks best on the individual

Although I'm a natural brunette I have always found blonde hair interesting and intriguing and have always wondered how I would look like as one. However I find brunettes more radiant and classy. Blonde hair does not appeal to me to be classy nor elegant, but cute. Proud to be a brunette!!!

Carol E. Cox
Blondes are normal people just like Brunettes. The ones having all this so-called 'Blonde' fun are BLEACHED Brunettes and actually, it's not 'fun', it's an extremely profitable business because they make a lot of money for degrading Blondes.

I was born with blonde hair, but my hair has turned dark brown. I think both hair colors are good. Just as long as they act smart.

I think guys see BLONDES as a bit slutty and are only good for one night stands etc. Whereas every guy I know has a BRUNETTE girlfriend...they say they just have much better personalities and they can have a laugh with Brunette girls. I think blondes tend to think they are better than every hair colour (for some reason) and so usually love themselves and have bad personalities. Brunettes tend to be more down to earth, loyal etc and have the best personalities! :-) It's a fact.

I have often heard this as "Blondes have more fun, but Brunettes get it done" I think this cultural myth about hair color is partly social conditioning and it's not really a compliment for blondes as many of them seem to take it. I find that when men are together in groups they will talk about blondes as being "hot", but in every anonymous poll they will always say they prefer brunettes by about 80%. I think the subtext of that is that when men are talking amongst themselves about "blondes" it's a code word for stupid and easy. This is a male bonding ritual for blowing off sexual steam in a way that makes them feel artificially empowered, but unfortunately, denegrates women, in particular, blondes. As far back as the Roman Empire, prostitutes wore their hair blonde so people would know who they were. This is written into our western culture as far back as that. The great ticket is if you have dark hair, and blue or green eyes. That's what most men will say is their "Dream Girl". Then you appeal at the highest level to about 98% of men. However, I have noticed that her chocolate brown eyes aren't hurting Catherine Zeta-Jones(Douglas!)any! Beautiful is Beautiful, as any man will tell you, regardless of race or color. However, if you are actually comparing, a beautiful brunette generally trumps a beautiful blonde. For men of taste (gentlemen!) a brunette trophy wife is actually higher status because the hidden message is that other men can't have her. Men of low self esteem however, want a blonde trophy wife because they want other men to think they're getting all the sex they want from her. I think men can't resist the allure and the mystery of darkness. It's really the ultimate in femininity. I think blondes get a lot of public accolades for beauty, but the greater beauties are usually brunettes. Who among the blondes can we hold up as a match for beauty for a young Liz Taylor, or Ava Gardner, or Vivienne Leigh? Personally, I think Salma Hayek, Hallie Berry, and Angelina Jolie are the most amazing beauties on the planet. (Okay, maybe Catherine Deneuve, but that's one French woman among a bevy of brunettes!) Besides being pretty, they also have figures to absolutely die for, and they are all smart women. As far as who is smarter? Oh please! Thick-as-a-plank blondes are a dime a dozen, but you rarely meet a dim brunette. Maybe people rise to the expectations we place on them, I don't know. I think a lot of blondes buy into the "I can get by on my blondeness" myth and it hurts them. Later in life they are always playing catch up. By the same token, brunettes know they are expected to be smart. That's why the old saying goes "Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes". We tend to forget that last part of the saying, but it's really the message of the old proverb. I'm happy to say I'm hazel-eyed, and have dark-as-ebony brown hair to my waist, as well as olive skin. It always meets with male approval and female jealousy. In my experience, there is nothing that lights a man on fire like long, dark hair. A hundred blondes could do a naked tap dance along the sidewalk behind me and a man will hardly take his eyes off my hair. It makes them drool. It's like a form of hypnosis. I have a blonde sister, one year older than myself, who has spent her life trying to keep up with and match me since the day I was born. I can tell you; blondes fear me. I see it in their eyes when they see me coming. They know the game is over if I so choose. I don't give them hard looks or anything to show that I can take over the room. They just know it. I'm a brunette! Sometimes it can be a real barrier, and I have to go out of my way to make overtures of friendship and convince blondes that I am not their worst enemy. It can be a hard sell, because they never get the male attention back. Brunettes are powerful women. Wait 'til the great nations of the Third World like China, India, and South America truly awaken and their women become empowered. Brunettes will change the world. May it be for the greater good.

Brunettes have a lot more colour choice to wear, blonds don't. They Cant wear Wear white, mostly. I have a blonde friend but she can't wear white because people call her an a ghost. Brunetts can wear anything because they don get clash colours with their hair, with waht they are wearing.

Elooooo :D Im Blonde Yay Lol! well dis da sayin i gt frm mi m8 :P Brunettes make fun of da blondes and blondes get da guys :S well...none of it it true lol i like all dif colurs of hair but of course i prefere blondes cause iam 1 lmao and yh blondes def hav more fun :P:P:P bibi x x x x x

Smart Blonde
Yes my name is true, and blondes definatly have more fun!! I see Paris Hilton having a little to much fun though. O well end of Story :)

eva the blondie
we both hav ekwal funn... most of my freinds are broonnet and we all have a blast with eech othur.

haha nooo!!! who says you have to be blond to have all the fun? i have been a blonde all my life and have had just as much fun as being a brunette. it all depends on the person, not the hair colour. for example, not all blondes are dumb, i know quite a few dumb brunettes! and i know some really uptight blondes.. so hair colour really has nothing to do with anything, its more about the kind of personality you have.

I think anyone can chose to have fun. There is this one girl I know that is 10 times smarter than me and is the boringest girl in the world. I am a brunette, and I am smart, and in honors, but I have more blonde moments than anyone. Like passing by a wood logging company and calling it beef jerkey. Also. I have a lot of fun, and get in to trouble for stuff that is fun and is not aproved of, so believe this is really a retarded label yet I call myself a dumb blonde, so I am somewhat hypocrytical

I'm a blonde and i dont think they have more fun. The amount of fun you have depends on the type of person you are. I was called a dumb blonde but proved them wrong when i got a degree!!!!!! :D:P Love to u all n dont let ne1 take the mik! xx

over the years i have felt put down in a way. I gew up where the guy loved the blonde haired girls, when most of them are the same: sluty,ditzy,boney,valley talking.But im really glad that actually, LOTSS of guys LOVE dark haired girls bcause its different, and sultry.

im a natural blonde but i died my hair brown and i get more attention being a brunette then a blonde and plus alot of people say blondes are ugly but i think blondes and brunettes are pretty its just whether the color fits you right

OMG KAITlIN!!! i am a brunette and have tan skin too! we are so hot!

i think blondes rule and every brunette is a blonde inside but there just burnt on top

Brunnettes are definetly sexier...reason:they have hotter face features that guys melt over for!!! their eyes stand out more dont need to wear tones of makeup.go Brunnettes!!!

im a blonde and i do have alot of fun but im sure that Brunettes do BUT WE JUST HAVE MORE !!!!!!!!!

blondes are dumb. brunettes are boring. REDHEADS are where it's at!

no brunnettes have MUCH more fun!

well im a natural blonde,but two years ago i died it brunette because i hated to be called a dumb blonde. and i have mre fun as a brunete aswell so not in my opinion.

as a brunette, i must say we win. the end.

i'm a brunette and i'm proud!! i love being a brunette because we can wear almost any color but then again, i have tan skin too..which makes me even hotter!!!!!!

i think the hair colour makes no difference to how much fun you have. fun is of your own making. i might accept that blondes get more attention on a night out but it is not necessarily the kind of attention that you would want, and in my opinion certainly does not lead to more fun. all hair colours can have fun and look stunning.

Brunettes rock! Like a male friend once said to me, blondes may be good for a a bit of fun, a casual fling, but brunettes definitely for a long term relationship. I work in the fashion industry, and let me tell you, brunettes are much more beautiful than blondes. All the most gorgeous celebs are brunette, J-Lo, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Penelope Cruz. I've got nothing against blondes, but they'd never have the depth or intensity of their dark haired sisters. Fact.

katherine grant
no, blondes dont have more fun!!! thats soooo stupid!! blondes just get more atention if an anythin brunettes have more fun cos blondes r so wraped up in there aperance an boys the dont want to do anythin!!!

we're both de same at havin fun ... and were one blonde and one brunette! so dont diss either just diss gingers! *giggle* x.x.x

rite, i agree wiv everything that has just been sed! i dnt fink its fair on brunettes that get called dull, boring, boffy etc coz im a brunette and i hav found that im happier and hav more fun than half the blonds in my yr! and also, its not a good thing, but im alot dumber than some ov the blond girls in my year. i also think that blonds that act dumb r just attention seeking. some are not dumb but they just want a label. i also find it harsh on the blonds that are brainy nd they always get called dumb!poor them. just dnt judge the person by their hair colour!!!

candy shrimpton
no, blondes are thick, brunettes have nore fun

I am currently a bottled bleach blonde. I get more attention than ever the blonder it is. i have been all colors i am a natural light brown haired woman but my hairdresser says that women dye it blonde because it takes some years off your age. it depends though because if you dont get it professionally done at a salon it will look cheap to me. i get mine done every 4 wks and i admit its high maintenance and costly however if you do foils you have to be at the salon every 6 to 8 wks so in the end you spend about the same. i am married to a dark latino man and we have a daugther with long brown hair and she has natural blonde color highlights and i always joke around saying that its from all the dye i have put in my head over the years, anyhow i love all colors and it depends on how a woman carries herself. i have seen brunettes that look trashy too so it just depends on the woman and her style.

well blondes have fun... but brunnetes get all the guys... if u dont like ur hair color just die it then.... i mean i am a brunnete/blonde but i mean i love my hair.. its natural... LOVE UR HAIR COLOR THE WAY IT IS

i do not think lucia has a good point. look at the marilyn monroe still a huge sex simbol after all these years! i also dont think audrey hepburn even comes close to grace kelly. i mean she was married to prince. she stood for class elagance and had so much natural beauty. i dont really think that hair color matters, i think it is the confidence that you show.

I personally think there are hot blondes, brunettes, redheads, black-heads, even people with pink, blue, whatever colored har. Color doesn't really matter to me.

I worked in clubs for ten years. I do not care for most blondes. Some of the brunettes at work that had brown eyes, but lovely hair and hair lines would bleach their hair. I always thought that it made them less attractive so I would inquire why they bleached their hair. They all told me that they get better tips when they have blonde hair. Nearly all the men I know go on and on about blondes. A skinny, small busted, average looking bottle blonde with brown eyes will get more attention from typical men than a hot busty brunette with a kicking body. I've stopped trying to figure out why other people like what they do. I've not dated a blonde woman in more than a decade because I like "textbook" Italian looking women.

claire worswick
i am a brunette and i have just as much fun as blondes its not about hair colours its about personality!

it doesnt matter on ur hair colour whether you can have fun or not because say if you dye your hair from brown to blond its not gna make you have more fun its product from a bottle and even if someone has got dark hair they are still capable of having fun

Hah!No..sure,they have fun,but I mean,they don't have MORE fun than brunettes,red heads,or black haired people.Blondes always say, 'We have more fun!.' im sick of that!Lol.Its like trying to say they're better.Of course,im on the brunettes team,but,I mean,everyone's on their own hair color's team,right?

I'm 17 and a natural blonde, but i'm also mixed race (white and black). i'm also quite fair skinned with dark eyes, i'ts only now i've left school that i have gone back to being blonde,and feel confident enough to do so. As i got picked on quite badly for having blonde hair at school, so I have been a bottle brunette for almost 5 years now. But in all honesty I love my blonde hair, but wish people would not assume it's fake just because of my race!

Andrew Rai
From a guys prespective, I think we are definately more attracted to Blonde hair and blue eyes. A lot of my friends who have a affinity for blond/blue wont publicly admit it due to etiquette reasons. Its not politically correct in the western world to objectify. But within ourselves, when a hot blonde walks by...our hearts stop. B runettes just dont have the same effect

The problem is that most blondes are bottle blondes, and most of them who dye their hair do so because they don't have much in the way of looks. They think that my putting peroxide in their hair, they will suddenly be beautiful, which is untrue. Some men like blondes because they think they are cheap - and a lot of them are - sorry 'blondies'!! I'm a black haired, dark eyes Italian, and I know my look is classy and totally gorgeous and exotic - I have always had max attention from males, and most men I know prefer brunettes. So - brunettes will always win - just look at Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz - all true beauties - somehow Marilyn Monroe (not a real blonde), Michelle Pfieffer and Grace Kelly just do not have the same appeal.

I am a blonde and i personally think that it doesnt matter what hair color you have we are all people and we all have diffrent personalities and perspectives on things. we are diffrent in our own way and brunnetes can have more fun than some blondes and some blondes can have more fun than brunnettes. All im saying here is that we are all diffrent and its not because of our hair color not all blondes are dumb but not all are smart either. same w/ brunettes not all are intellegent.

I dont think you can judge a person by their hair colour!.. I am a blonde and i love it!.. YES i get a lot of attention.. but blondes do stand out!. I think brunnettes often hold jealousy towards blondes because they get more attention!. But thats because blondes stand out!..i was disgusted to find chatrooms influencing people to hate blondes because apparently they only have that hair colour to get attention!... I admit some women may change their hair colour to blonde to get more attention, but some are just born blonde and are proud, and so they should be!.. I think brunnettes are breaking out now because they want to steal the limelight... It will always be a controversial topic.. but overall i think guys DO prefer blondes HOWEVER i dont agree that they have more fun!!!!!

Theres no difference its a sterotype based on a really small number its all rubbish

BRUNETTES WILL ALWAYZ BE BETTER THAN BLONDZ... they're smarter and sexier...;)


Blondes don't have any more fun that a brunette, a red head, or a blue head! But people never really say that Blondes have more fun than red heads, its always VS Brunettes. The most boring Brunette could dye her hair Blonde, and automatically be percieved as being fun. Vice versa. Now I'm a brunette, and I am extremly fun-loving, and I'm always dying from laughter- now, like I said hair colour doesn't percieve how fun-loving you are, stupid, intellegent etc- But just for the sake of it, their is a blonde girl who is ultra smart, but people sterotype her as dumb. And then again, there is a flaky dumb blonde at my school. The funnest people at my school happen to be brunette. Guys look sexier and more mysteries brunette!

yeahhhh!!! of courseee, blondes DO have more funn.

Nope. I am a brunette and I have lots more fun.

nope look at the logos people liek example dont you wish your girl friend was brunette like me and brunettes are adored blondes are ignored:):P

Yes they do have more fun like me

They are both beautiful hair colours that god has givin to us women and men. Brown and blonde.

I prefer brunettes! And its not your hair color that judges how much fun you have i know some boring blondes and some boring brunettes.

kerry and ayla
blondes have way more fun this is proven by us as we are both blondes and have had an awesome life and to put it this way all of my brunette friends have done way more stupid things and put there foot in their mouth a number of times more then me.


I don't think blondes have more fun because your life doesn't depend on your hair color most of the time. For example, a guy may like blondes better than brunettes, but that doesn't mean ALL of the guys do. Or a brunette may be really lucky about everything, and a blond may be just really unlucky about her life, it just really depends.

Brunettes rule blondes suck. blondes DONT have more fun!! Hair color DOES NOT MATTER!! but If i had to pick id say brunettes rule cuz its true. plus the blondes are dying out anyway...yes!! lol

I used to be bright blonde when I was younger however as I got order it turned to a mousey colour I’ve just recently changed it back to bright blonde again it looks great and I get so much attention it’s great so if you’re in a dilemma just go for it you won't regret it!

definatly not.. brunettes have more fun they look more confident not reserved and look happy blondes need to be drunk to have fun as they always are . other wise both have fun.

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Irene Rae


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